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Linetrap, one of the first 4chan traps - went into porn - unfortunetely
Traps are boys that look like girls. If they truly confuse people as to their original gender, transgender individuals will also fall into this category. The use of trap to describe such people came from the IT'S A TRAP meme after the /b/tards got a hold of it and adapted it to their own twisted purposes.

chanchan loves their traps, as does /b/.


It's a trap.gif
The IT'S A TRAP meme, which started in 2002 and spread to /b/, was transformed from its original meaning into a response to pictures of men who appear to be women. The meme continued degenerating into IT'S A TARP, with the same meaning -- though there may have been some new photoshops to go along with it. It then gave birth to the term reverse trap, referring to a female cross-dresser.

Reverse trap

The term reverse trap came about to mean the opposite of a trap, a girl who looks like a boy.

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