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from the old wiki

What We Have So Far (Note: None of this is official canon, but is instead a first draft and "fleshing out" conducted after a long night on /m/. Feel free to add!)

Noland is a noble badguy who initially meets and is defeated by Ohta. From this he develops a compulsive need to not only defeat Ohta and his ENIS, but to do so in an honorable and manly way. May or may not work for the Lion Empire, may or may not have his own third faction, may or may not make Monsters of the Week to challenge Ohta with. May or may not team up with Ohta to fight the Lions. May or may not have developed A-NL, Tul-BAWCS, or both. If he dies, manly tears wil be shed.

(DISTILLED FROM THE Aug. 7-8 story THREAD. incomplete)

A-NL and Noland (And Norma)

Keywords: GAR Hotblood

Noland is a former member of the science division of the Lion Empire. He joined up with them in the interest of getting to design his own weapons and mechs. He is fairly obsessed with his machines surpassing any other machines. He designed the Tul-BAWKS system and the NORMA AI. On the day when Ohta aquired ENIS, Noland was testing the prototype Tul-Bawks on a grunt mech in practical battle. He met up with and was soundly defeated by the ENIS unit. This awakened in him an inner drive to prove himself and defeat the ENIS in battle. Meanwhile After Dr. Yuan Nomos abandoned the A-NL and VA-INA projects to escape, the A-NL was left, unfinished.

An appropiate running gag with Noland is that the care and attention he gives to Norma leads people to think he's some sort of pedo, while he's really just got the 'gushing father' thing with his AI 'daughter'.