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???-chan is a camwhore from New York who first appeared on /b/ on September of 2006.


  • Alias: ???-chan
  • Name: Skye
  • DOB: 1992
  • Location: New York


She was initially dubbed Hat-chan because she wore a notable white hat with blue cat ears and two blue hearts on the sides on the better part of all her pictures. She is often criticized because most of her pictures don't follow the standard tits or gtfo procedure, for obvious reasons, although she sometimes has posted questionable material of herself on /b/. On October 15th, she received a board at chanchan due to popular request.

In the beginning of October, ???-chan stopped posting pictures and blocked all contacts on MSN/AIM for a while. On October 14th, 2006, she returned and announced a new AIM sn where she could be reached. On the whole, she was a fairly actve poster with more than 220 pictures, one video and some stickam appearances in her wake as of Monday 16th, 2006.

The name ???-chan came later as a result of her sudden posting pictures without the hat. Many different new -chan names were given but as a result of the confusion she became generally accepted as triple-questionmark-chan.

At some point in time ???-chan was banned from chanchan and the board removed a short time later. This was likely due to her being a douchebag of a girl in general.

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