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Futaba Channel / 2chan
Futuba Channel logo.png
Futaba Channel's logo.

Address: 2chan.net
Founded: 2001-08-30
Founder: -
BBS type: Imageboard
Software: GazouBBS

Futaba Channel (meaning "two leaves", also known as 2chan) is the famous Japanese imageboard from which 4chan is derived. Futaba Channel was created as a result of fears that 2channel would shut down. 4chan borrows some memes from Futaba Channel.

Affiliated with (and often confused with) the massive textboard 2channel (2ch), Futaba and 2channel share many of the same memes.

Futaba could be seen as the "parent" of 4chan, and 2channel as 4chan's "grandparent."

As of spring 2006, 4chan has surpassed Futaba in traffic, though 2channel is still larger than both of them combined.

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