A.X.E Unit

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Full name: JEK WM series 21, Advanced eXtraction Enforcer (JEK WM-21 2W674)

Pilot: Various

Grunt mechs, but decidedly not made of cardboard compared to some other grunt mechs.

O.A.Fs and A.X.Es are Basically the same, except the A.X.E should have the JEK symbol and a deep red color scheme, while the O.A.F. should have the Tyrannis symbol and a Green or blue color scheme. Another thing to look into would be non-lethal weapons, especially in the A.X.E units. Their mission is, after all, to capture the Chimeras, not destroy them.


A.X.E "Werner Custom"
The version of the A.X.E piloted by Kraig Werner.