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afro-chan started posting her pictures on /b/ around May 2006 after the first rise and fall of Rabbit-chan. She figured she could do a better job, as well as legally get naked.


  • Alias: afro-chan
  • Name: Jessica Rivers
  • DOB: 1986
  • Locataion: Hilliard, OH
  • Race: Half & Half


much of this information is out of date
  • afro-chan prefers her name written in all lowercase letters
  • She's been on and off of 4chan for a few years, but only really got into it right before 5M GET (towercat).
  • Her first image was her face with 4chan in the background. The next, naturally, was of tits.
  • In her first night, she had 3 threads and a rapidshare and was named afro-chan, being one of, if not the first, black camwhore (even though she's actually bi-racial).
  • afro-chan posted fairly often, but not without being met with racial flames.
  • She found humour in the fact that /b/ constantly tried to flame her because of her race as internet racism means jackshit.
  • During one night of camwhoring, a poster replied with 'lol arfo chon'. The name sort of stuck and afro-chan would sometimes go by arfo-chon online.
  • afro-chan found out about chanchan and was given her own board, which she kept updated with reposts from /b/ and some original content. She was also given mod powers.
  • afro-chan made a few videos, but has taken them all offline for the moment. They included her singing along to a terrible MIDI of 'I'm a Little Teapot' with the parody lyrics 'I'm a Little /b/tard'. The video was instant win and had over 10,000 views on YouTube in 2 months. Her next major motion picture was a real life Bel Aire, where a depressed afro-chan explains to /b/ that she will no longer be able to post because her parents found out what it is she does online when they're away. Her mom got scared and said... you know the rest. The thread was stickied (which I totally forgot until someone reminded me!).
  • She had a few smaller, lesser known videos, one that was never posted to /b/. The first was of her greeting /b/ with a hardy good morning at 12 noon. The second was of her saying hello, but being ambushed by a picture of goatse while the third was a video of her jumping on a bed, a la Hitsugi.
  • During one night of posting, afro-chan took several pictures with a hand towel down her pants in an attempt to trick /b/ into thinking she had a penis. She admitted to /b/ that she was sorry for keeping this from them and hopefully they forgived her. It mostly in responce to the fact that posters were always attempting to flame her for looking like a man (even though afro-chan loves androgyny). A lot of people fell for it, even though she didn't think it was very convincing.
  • After a while, she realized she was too addicted to /b/ and got herself banned. In her ban thread, she asked for a ban and posted several images of women having sex with horses. After no ban was given, at the suggestion of another poster, afro-chan proceded to flood /c/ with the images of horse harbl. A few minutes later, a permaban was delivered.
  • A few weeks later, she appealed the ban only to have it denied. arfo-chon was banished forever!
  • After a few days of searching, afro-chan found a decent proxy site that she could post from.
  • On July 6, 2006, a black camwhore on Stickam showed up by the name of Anasha. She actually showed vag and anus and was proclaimed to be superior to afro-chan. afro-chan actually went to her Stickam chat room for a bit, but was pretty much flamed out of the room. /b/ decided that she would become the new afro-chan and named her Afro-chan2.0, even though she was also known as Anasha-chan, Bixnood-chan, Jungle-chan and Nestle-chan. She hasn't been seen since, even though she said she would have another camwhoring session in a few days (?).
  • /b/ created a lot of drama because, aparantly, there can only be one black camwhore (even though afro-chan isn't really all that black).
afro-chan a la Happy Negro
  • A few days later, afro-chan took a few pictures a la Happy Negro, complete with red bandana and with her glasses on her head, groping the breasts of some Afro-chan2.0 fan art. Over the next few days, she posted them on /b/ with no accompanining text to see how /b/ would react. The picture was met with mostly GTFO and fail.
  • afro-chan realized that /b/ wasn't interested in her anymore, espically since she was against showing vag and anus and decided to throw in the towel.
  • On July 31, 2006, she deleted all the content from her image board and left the following message:
It has come to my attention that /b/ does not like me anymore. The only reason I kept at it is because I had some false hope that /b/ would want me to come back. Turns out I was wrong, so I'm done.
If you're one of the people that hate me, you're getting your way, congrats. If you don't, I'll still be around and you can still IM me with mod requests.
  • afro-chan can still be found lurking chanchan and helping with mod requests. She still frequents /b/ via proxy, but only posts as anonymous. She still shows up in various camchats once and a while, but has been going by the name 'POP THAT CORM', taken from the edited image from a LEGENDARY THREAD of what appeared to be pictures from a middle school science fair for retards.
  • afro-chan comes back to chanchan on Aug 28th, and will attempt to go back to /b/ after she moves. If /b/ doesn't want me around, I'll just stick to chanchan, because I love you all so much. :3


  • AIM: sojessykasays

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  • flickr - one she uses for secondlife faggotry

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