Akanun the Tidelord

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Akanun the Tidelord
Location of Akanun the Tidelord in Solzreed Peninsula
Name Akanun the Tidelord
ID 8155
Location Solzreed Peninsula / Beach of the Moonswept Bay
Level 10
Grade Epic
Race Beast
Health 17195
Mana 8300
Attitude Passive
Respawn time 1h 25s
Return distance 50m
Tamed name Not tameableo
Guild Mission > World Boss No
Dominator's Authority No

Akanun the Tidelord can be found in Solzreed Peninsula near Beach of the Moonswept Bay. It provides an instant quest with a completion reward of 1x Gilda Star. It does not provide credit for the World Boss guild mission.