Akira Connors

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Experimental pilot for the "Linus" Chimera. Calm and collected, if he is given a mission, he will go to the bitter end to complete it. A perfect soldier.

Age: 21

Nationality: Japanese-American

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Mech: Linus


Should have dark hair in a manly haircut (Perhaps a solid-snake mullet or similar, though I'm not married to the idea). He should have light facial hair on his chin. As the series goes on, he should grow a full face of stubble.


Born in UD 417. He was born to a military family and brought up on and near a military base outside of Yokohama. To his parents, The 416 peace accord represented a new beginning for them. The union of their two countries under Tyrannis became the catalyst for their marriage, and for Akira's birth a year later. Then Russia was attacked. Akira was three years old when his mother was killed in an attack on his father's military base, one of the first attacks with the JEK line of mass-produced War Machines.

In the intervening years, he was never far from battle as JEK WM forces routinely attacked the base his father was stationed in.

In 435, 18 and already hardened by the horrors he had to endure, Akira entered service with the Tyrannis military. He was inducted into the 27th WM division and sent on a tour of Germany. He gained a reputation of never letting an enemy escape once he had his sights on him. He earned his nickname: "Death's Door."

His father died in service in 436.

In 437, he was transferred out of Germany to join Japan's domestic defense. In 438, Thanks to his reputation, he was shortly chosen for a test of the latest in the famous "CP" experiments.