Alexander Rybak

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Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak is a forced meme that appeared in /b/ after he won the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. The actual meme consists of posting pictures of Rybak and posting the lyrics to the winning song 'Fairytale'.

This is often done to try and achieve a combo.


I glanced at her, giggling politely, and motioning me to get into the shower with her. I took of my clothes and jumped in. The cold rush of water gave me such a shock I got an erection immeadiatly. She laughed and moved closer towards me. She had such round breasts, perfectly formed, even, mature for her age. But this was it, I was going to take away her virginity, and she would take away mine. I got in position, when suddenly, I heard a sound of a screeching violin. I recognised it immeadiatly and dashed towards the window. I lost my erection immeadiatly. There was a figure looming outside the door, I didn't know if he could see us through the bathroom glass, but I assumed not. "Wha...what is it?" she asked me, slightly worried, as she got out the shower too. "I...know who this is..." I said quietly. I glanced through the window, and the figure turned. "THE GAME!" shouted Alexander Rybak menicangly. He grinned and went back to playing his violin. I sunk to the floor, defeated, I had lost.