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AngelCuti, a local deviantART weeaboo, is known mainly for her thievery of other user's characters, making them OOC, shoving them into her shitty "fanfics" and changing them completely, and putting them in sexual situations with her Mary-Sue OC, 10. She also pairs Miss Mary-Sue with 3 characters from the movie "9": 2, 9, and 6 (gets around, doesn't she?). This "10" is supposed to be herself as a stitchpunk, sent into the "9" world after dying in a car crash. AngelCuti sees herself as "insane", and that she "needs to get back to her own world". As quoted in this excerpt of one of her many hilarious journal entries;


I'm back to the 9 World, my afterlife... I have to remember again...all over and over again.

So, let me know if you have comments. This is my, leave everything to me.

I'm the only one returned, even if I'm dead here... Let me take your advice here.

The full moon rises, and the legend reborns again. Please...give me my sanity back right now...all of you, bring me back to life again!"

To which people believed her, and tried to help her "regain her sanity".

Her gallery is also full of eye rape, colors, and "9".

She's supposedly 16, but her attitude suggests different. She also does an amazing job at butchering the English language, half the sentences she types don't make an ounce of sense.


She started out as a Pikmin fantard, and would BAAAAWWW whenever Captain Olimar wasn't in her games. Slowly, she progressed into a 9tard and a stitchaboo (the act of thinking oneself is a stitchpunk, much like wolfaboo or weeaboo). She created a horrendous fan fiction, 9ZC, where her OC, 10, would go on "adventures" with the "9" cast, whoring herself out to 3 characters at a time. Upon the discovery of more popular users on deviantART and the "9" community, she decided to use their characters without permission, and, thinking it was perfectly okay, paired them up with her own characters. After being told to stop, she threatened suicide. Twice, which she should have gone through with the first time and save us all a lot of trouble. She is also a weeaboo, having a shit load of eye blinding anime in her gallery, and translating everything she does into Japanese. AngelCuti also believes she is immortal, as seen in her current journal.

AngelCuti also sent a death threat to another deviantART user, and is surprisingly not banned yet. Links to a conversation about it are provided here:

The threatened user noted another user, and the note can be seen here:

She also copies characters, as seen here: This shit explains its self.

Current Status

AngelCuti now thinks everyone who thinks her wrong is her "enemy", and that she is in the right for stealing people's art and characters. She demands respect from everyone, and can't spell "fuck".

She also has a white knight, accblackfire on deviantART. He calls whoever disagrees with her a jackass, a dick, and implies that a perfectly intelligent person is stupid. Another white knight, 9freak97 on deviantART, rushes to her defense, calling everyone who "bullies" AngelCuti names: Yet another white knight, Wawy222 on deviantART, rushed to his princess's aid, called everyone jerkfaces, and was otherwise immature in making her stay:

She's currently butthurt about everyone calling her out, and apparently claiming she is a "traitor", as seen here:

AngelCuti once said she was about to leave, which sparked joy in the hearts of many deviants. Then, after her ass-kisser, TakAshleyRed, begged her to stay, she decided on staying, which makes her fail.

And then the chick "gives up" because people are "bullying her": After getting the "deactivate and gtfo" suggestion, she heads off to haunt the "9" forum. 10 bucks says she'll be rejected, or banned within 10 hours of joining:

AngelCuti also thinks she, with her crappy MS paint skills, can make a career out of her "anime" and "fanart":

She just doesn't get it, does she?