AqM-1 Simos

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  • Notable Pilots: None
  • Background: Designed shortly after the GM-3 Areios, the Simos is the first aquatic Mobile Guardian. It was used extensively against enemy subs during the Unification Wars. Oyujin led a squadron of these when fighting the underwater Yoma. This mech is capable of land combat.
  • Description: The body is based on the GM-3 Areios, only better suited for aqautic enviroments. The cockpit is located in the chest. The head has a visor. A V-Blade is located in a compartment in it's left arm. It's back is essentialy a ballast tank.
  • Variants: None.
  • Attacks

Sonic Bazooka- A handheld weapon that fires concentrated sonic waves at the enemy.

V-Blade- A sonic-charged knife for close combat.