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An Example of its usefulness

English to Korean:

An online translator known for producing horribly mangled text. One fun thing to do with Babelfish
is take perfectly good English text, translate it through as many languages as you can think of
(e.g. English to Spanish, Spanish to German, German to Japanese), then translate what's left back
to English. The results will be so scrambled, you'll just have to laugh at them. English that has
been scrambled this way shows up as copipe on /b/ quite frequently.

Korean to English again:

Difficulty it will relapse horribly and the original it gets up with the on-line interpretation
which is become known. You where letting leaving faces each other the English back (for example
and to German language the, German language it will think) there is a
possibility to Spain U and Japanese and the fun thing of 1 thing which is to do like all in the
Babelfish capture is complete and the good British original and, as that time it translate it, it
translate with many language. The result will connect to be like that and is mixed, only it
spreads out must laugh to scorn them. As this method English which it mixes up /b/ is frequent
positively with the copipe and it appears.

Bottom Line

Babelfish helps progress the relationship with a Foreign Exchange Student.