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A Video Game Fan Website are usually lone run sites personally updated and maintained by various individuals who are fans of video games, and share their enthusiasm and hobbies with others in camaraderie and enjoyment through the use of the internet and online communications.

A Bad Video Game Fan Website are usually places of the same description, but tossed in with shitty attitudes, bitter nerds, and hypocritical fandom fapping that it would make whoever they worship utterly can their series instantly due to their existence. Metal Gear, anyone?

Here at Lurkmore, we are dedicated to the documentation of shitty holes and other habitations of extremely dickless nerds who often use their hobbies as a means of venting frustrations unhealthily at others and communicate to us that they aren't welcome to any self respecting person outside of their little bubble of bitter bile they enjoy using the anonymity of the internet to hide behind.

Please enjoy and please express to them how shitty of a site they have because the user is also a piece of laughable shit who are too scared to even say at least any of what they post on the web in real life.

Electronic Gaming Monthly -

Electronic Gaming Monthly, or EGM, their site known as, was a decent and likable reviewing publication for video games, and had huge ties to mainstream industry for awesome interviews and cover stories.... Until, like Newtype and Animerica, into the mid 2000s, began to feel the hardcore burn of the internets cutting into their profits as a magazine publisher. For some reason, around this turn of the new millennium, the site began to show some serious fuckery seeping out of the ground faster than a broken septic tank on a hot summer day; the reviewers began to see some serious overtly cynical and bitter undertones, barely any attempt to review games professionally, even for the large amounts of shovelware for the DS and the Wii, were made, and the ass pulled shit fermented cherry on top of this AVGN style diarrhea sundae who helped cement this gravemarker worse than even Eternal Newfag Summer: Scott Sharkey. Some shitbag spoiled piece of fratboy trash from OC California and responsible for the infamous 2014 Isla Vista sorority shootings by the permavirgin victim of his bullying sprees who is awaiting Sharky in hell with a broken glass glued strapon, Sharkey literally was the man who showed that EGM jumped the shark, turning up the Hardkore Gamerdom dial to 20 and dumped ass all over EGM's name with his brilliant displays of unprofessional proto clickbait bullshit with massive radioactive degrees of off hand belligerence and racist fuckery that even Chernobyl can't match. While the watershed of nuclear disaster is marked with the infamous "elephant's foot" that will kill you just standing near it, "Elephant Shit" Sharkey is still out there, having been fired for his dumbfuckery instead of being hit with the car that has his name on it. Still, life has much in store for him, it seems; being fired for being a massive unwashed penis of a dick and living will have its perks of pain and misery.

Also, don't bother going to the site. Anything fucking stupid enough to use the word "Nooblet" on every page of its website, let alone use that laughable and cringehard as diamond "hardkore 2 teh xtremes we leet like anon" tryhard wannabee feces end of the English slang lexicon, is a prime indicator that some serious fucktard levels beyond 9000 are slathered straight out of the crotches of the losers that shamble around that already dead as fuck dirtnap preserved former publication of a website. We pour one out to you, EGM. May someone shoot your brains out of the rotted maggot ridden corpse you currently are for your eternal, well deserved rest. Other than that, Fuck EGM and everyone that currently runs it. Also Hsu and Chan is an ugly unfunny webcomic that even Sydyslexia would say even needs more buckteeth and characterizations of the "Oriential Coolie Chink" racial epithet as it reeks of pussyfooting the line of being racist, but doesn't because the loser behind it needs a job.

Hardcore Gaming 101

Hardcore Gaming 101 was a website which once helped entail and detail a lot of great games akin to a library and exhibit online. Unfortunately, time passes and nothing lasts forever. Instead of aging gracefully and being informative, Hardcore Gaming 101 now remains home to any dumbfuck with enough frustration at being a cocksucker in real life and exhibit awkward displays of off hand racism and irrelevant shit humor typical in the shit end of gamers. You could go through and wade through the articles that don't suck dick, but just beware, the shitfest continues to this day.

Socks Make People

Socks Make People is a seemingly decently made site.... Until you get into its core of scum and villainy. Made by Polly, a cocktease of a bland lesbian punx chick with so much tryhard that it will make you wish to shoot your brains out, and Pat, a pussy deprived English Major nerd from New Jersey who still can't live down the fact that he got cockteased & cucked by a cute Japanese chick during a JET program run to glorious Nippon, the site loves to pride itself as a video game fansite, that is, until you, again, bite into its rotten core of scum and villainy. It's a prime example of gamerdom's lovely display of offhand racism, self entitled fatheaded do nothing spectator backseat developer mentality, and to where the users are more gung ho about Made in the USA more than the workers of General Motors and Ford in the desperate Robocop needed dystopia of Detroit, MI. We'll make this brief; a majority of fans who frequent this place are not right in the head, and they all are bitter blue balled virginity panicked males in their late twenties who blame video games ANYTHING of Japanese origin for not making them popular and getting them pussy.

It is also home to the "Final Fantasy Retrospective", and we put that into twenty quotations because its author is Pat, who interjects much of his colored glasses experience collection and hatred and ridicule against Japanese people that we might as well report this lovely troupe of losers to the US of A's Southern Poverty Law Center as an active hate group (spoilers, he jerks off to Final Fantasy VI like any oldfag diehard nostalgia ridden loser of the shit end of Final Fantasy fandom). Thankfully, he has renamed it "The Rise and Fall of Final Fantasy" to help properly redirect more assholes like him to help generate ad rev for their site. Most importantly, his little shitfest display of a whining manchild can outright be, like Newfag Summer and Scott Sharky of EGM fame, the gravemarker of Hardcore Gaming 101, as the bucket of whatever came out of his ass was then dumped all over HG101 in the late 2000s and attracted more of his kind to infest it to the parasite and loser ridden hive of fuckery it is today.