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The video game board.

/v/ is the second most active board on 4chan (after /b/, of course), and the most active worksafe board (with /a/ closely following, and believed to have more people posting despite the slightly lower number of total posts). /v/ is basically /b/ with videogames, despite the mods at various times insisting otherwise and attempting to clean the board up. /v/ posters are occasionally called /v/tards, in an obvious ripoff of the /b/tard label and reflecting its "/b/ with videogames" nature, but are generally known instead as /v/irgins, also appropriate since the chance of them having sex is basically zero.



One of the names for the Counter-Strike: Source server that was created by /v/, its name obviously derived from the 4chan Party Van. This server is heavily customized with over 230 different sounds which players can use (2 per round) and at least 30 custom maps.

As explained before, a user can activate a wav. file by imputing the correct text into the text box which then plays a sound file that every player can hear, (If they want to or not). Although there are a wide variety of sounds, many people don't remember over 20 and usually just replay the same ones over and over again.

Another feature of the party van is to Rock the Vote, where if the map is not to your liking, you can input 'RockTheVote' into the text box, and if another players Rock the Vote, a vote will come up to select what map should be next and directly going to it. You can also select what maps should be nominated by typing in 'Nominate' into the text box and given a list of all the maps.

There are three incarnations of the 4CHAN PARTY Van Source, the original was started in mid 2006 and lasted several months before dieing due to lack of donations. The first Part Van allowed for 1 sound to be played per term (Because in the server, if a player used more than 1 sound, the virtual memory would be used to fast and the server would crash) 15 custom maps (Favorites included Clue, Poolday and Wall), restrictions on certain weapons such as AWPs and Autosnipers, and admins who had no problem abusing their powers.

A second incarnation of the server was activated in January 2007 but no one on the original staff was part of this. An improvement of the original server was that sounds and maps were downloaded at a much faster rate, where in the original Party Van it would take over 30 minutes to download every sound and at least 5 minutes per map, the second Party van could download everything in 3 minutes. Also a better-dedicated server was created where players could activate more than one sound a round. (At one time players could play 4 sounds a round)

Seeing how things could be done right, the original staff rebuilt their version of the party van and incorporated the improvements of the second Party Van in late April 2007. For a time the second and latest incarnation battled for supremacy but within a week, older party van yielded and allowed the latest version to take the reigns. By late May 2007 though they couldn't pay the upkeep for the faster download speed and has returned to the slower download rate.

And before you ask, everyone haxs and democracy doesn't work.



A common troll used towards the Playstation 3 to express distaste at its high price. Came about after Sony's E3 2006 press conference when the pricing details were revealed, among other things. Often repeated many times in a single reply as a reference to the most well-known video of the press conference in question.


The Gamespot.com score for the Wii version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Because of /v/'s eternal love for Zelda, this was the source of much drama and much more lulz, despite the fact that 8.8 isn't a low score (and is considered "great" according to Gamespot's scale). Now an affectionate nickname for the aforementioned game. Occasionally used as a nickname for Jeff Gerstmann, editorial director at Gamespot and the reviewer who assigned the score.


Famous boss in the video game Double Dragon; enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity on /v/.


Combat Amphibians

From an amusing exchange over a game screenshot in the early days of /b/, this phrase is a common reply to those who demand the source of a game (or even anime, in the case of Sergeant Frog). This is most common when the source really ought to be obvious (implying that the person asking for the source needs to LURK MORE), but is also sometimes seen even when the game in question is rather obscure. While it originated on /b/, it is now generally considered a /v/ meme due to its video game context and its widespread (though now diminish) usage on /v/. At one point Battletoads was wordfiltered on /v/ to "GIMMICKS ARE DUMB, I SHOULD BE BANNED," much to the annoyance of many /v/irgins. This wordfilter resulted in the practice of using a variety of synonyms for "Battletoads," such as "Combat Amphibians" (the most popular alternative), "War Frogs," etc. This continued even after the wordfilter was removed.


Deriving from a picture of Sephiroth with an MS Paint-ed on beard, Beard Threads basically consist of taking feminine, bishounen characters, shooping on beards, and posting them with shouts of stereotypically masculine hypothetical dialogue. Then everyone proclaims how gay they are for the new, bearded characters (see Big Boss) and the thread ends.

Belts and Zippers


A meme based on Tetsuya Nomura's flamboyant designs for characters in the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. Quite often Anonymous will post an MS Paint image of an extremely over-the-top 'typical JRPG character' with spiky hair and belts and zippers protruding from every orifice in reference to this phenomenon. (He is from a game called Beltan Zipper XLII: Tilduran of Destinu.) In itself, 'belts and zippers' is used as a derogatory term for JRPGs or JRPG character design in general.

Big Boss

A /v/ meme that revolves around the main character of Metal Gear Solid 3. Often, users will post pictures of him and confess their gay love for him. Basically, he has the same effect on /v/ as Bridget does for /b/. However, since Big Boss is extremely manly rather than effeminate like Bridget, it's more like /v/'s version of the /a/ meme GAR.

Recently, a meme sprung up involving a screenshot of Big Boss dressed in square-printed camo, pressed against a brick wall. Anonymous responded, repeatedly apprehending the OP for posting a brick wall and claiming not to be able to see Big Boss - while commenting on how they're fapping to the wall and don't know why.


[Blingee] is a lulzy site which allows you to turn random innocuous images into crazy MySpace-style blinking eyesores. To gaze upon one is to go blind. Therefore, /v/ likes to use it as much as possible to improve upon meme images.


Refers to the fact that often next-gen games will suffer from overuse of a glow filter to make images look more "real." Since it is easy to recreate bloom using Photoshop and a little creative use of the Diffuse Glow filter, it is quite common to shop an image so that it contains 'moar bloom.' See here for an example: VG Cats strip


Similar to bloom, the tendency of next-gen games, particularly PS3 games, to use darker shades to make things look 'realistic'. Extremely common if not unwarranted in FPS games. Nintendo's colorful designs are a major exception to this rule, and has been lampshaded in certain of their games.

The Cake is a Lie

Captain King

Nickname for Master Chief deriving from a particularly laughable troll post, Captain King has now diversified into a stock reply to people asking who a video game character is - like a character-specific Battletoads.


A Final Fantasy VII fanart of Cloud weeping over a dead Aeris spawned this meme when someone photoshopped a bulging erection under Aeris's dress, and gave her a speech bubble reading 'Cloud look'. Any conversations concerning dickgirls or Aeris tends to lead to this meme.

Companion Cube

Confirmed for Brawl

After the revelation that Solid Snake of Metal Gear fame is going to be a character in Brawl, and that the possibility for the inclusion of a few more non Nintendo characters was possible, "Confirmed For Brawl" posts became quite common (Especially around Japan Time) posting an image of a character (often regardless of whether or not the character is actually a video game) and claiming that said character is going to be included in the upcoming game "Super Smash Bros Brawl".

Cool story, bro

This is often used as a response to whenever a user makes a tl;dr post about a personal experience they once had, more often then not these stories have little or no relevance to the vidya. It has been used as an expression of indifference to counter the massive amounts of trolls on /v/.

Corey in the House

Corey in the House is a DS adventure game based on a shitty Disney show of the same named based on the previous shitty Disney show, "That's So Raven." It is noteworthy on /v/ for receiving the same score (3.0) on IGN as the universally /v/irgin praised beat 'em up, "God Hand." How a licensed children's game could even be compared to "God Hand" is inconceivable to most /v/irgins, some even declaring that by this school of thought it should be declared "Game of the Year." Since then, playthroughs of the game have been posted on /v/ with the OP declaring the game's awesomeness for all to see. It has also inspired the mini-meme "You're a busta." after what one of the characters calls Corey at one point. Also known for stealing /a/'s 13 million GET.


Unfunny comic made by shitty artist Tim Buckley, better known as B^U to /v/ due to the fact that when you turn B^U sideways, you get the one face that Buckley uses in all of his comics on all of his characters. CAD comics are typically filled with cut and paste artwork, huge walls of text, jokes that were stolen from Penny Arcade, and characters that are devoid of any real emotion. While this is bad enough, the fact that B^U makes money off of this comic (by making a really sucky animated series and pawning it off to fans) is a guaranteed source of rage for /v/irgins. Further adding to the pile is the author himself being known but other artists as rude and condensing to even mild criticisms.

Although CAD was known on /v/ for some time, the real lulz began when B^U released possibly the funniest CAD comic ever created (albeit unintentionally funny), which had the main character's girlfriend, Lilah, having a miscarriage. The comic was fairly obviously done for no reason other than to get attention, and /v/, in typical /v/ fashion, shooped the comic into every situation and meme imaginable in as poor of taste as possible. So popular the miscarriage shoops were, that the mods got tired of it all and started banning anyone that made B^U threads.


The traditional reasoning for why Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is the best video game ever. Deadpool is, at the most basic level a /b/tard with weapons and the Wii is a /v/irgin's wet dream. Do the math.


A character from the Ys series who is the best friend of Adol Christin, the protagonist. Became incredibly popular on /v/ in early 2007 when an anonymous posted a crudely drawn MSPaint comic strip parodying Castlevania. It began with Dracula hiding a pot roast behind a brick wall (poking fun at health powerups being hidden in walls in most of the Castlevania games), along with the text "IT IS SECRET AND SAFE NOW". The tripfag Adol Christin mspainted himself and Dogi on the opposite side of the wall, with a confused looking Dracula on the other side. When asked why the wall wasn't broken, Adol Christin replied that Dogi's wallcrushing prowess allowed him and the Wallcrusher to break through the opposite walls. After a brief textual exchange with Anon realizing this, a four part followup was created. It was a vastly superior work of art, created by one of /v/'s forced anon. The text read "DIGITALLY," and the next post portrayed Dracula sliding out of the scene with the text "REMASTERED," and the third simply displayed the pot roast hidden behind the wall with another wall behind it, with text reading "VISUAL." The last post, however, finished off the phrase with "EXPERIENCE," but it also showed Dogi bursting through the wall saying "Oh yeah!" like the Kool-Aid man. This was widely considered to be one of the funniest posts on /v/ in a while, and since then Dogi has been seen breaking through all kinds of brick walls, often with his good friends the Battletoads. The anonymous who originally created the images is AnonJack.

Doom 3

Occasionally used as a response to Battletoads, it first appeared as: "no faggot, it's dark and overrated. It must be Doom 3." "Dark" referring to the black sky of space present in the first level and the original cover art of Battletoads and "overrated" referring to the loose controls and bugs that can make the game impossible on 2 player mode as well as the character personalities which is often described as a cross between Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and "Poochie the Rapping Dog."

Doom 3 by itself was considered a minor meme before its use as a counter meme. Other games that also relied on dark settings for scare or atmosphere (Silent Hill, F.E.A.R) it were mocked with: "oh, is it Doom 3?" When it was first released there was also "I'm/He's/It's ready for Doom 3," referring to the high (for that time) system requirements needed to run it with all features. Often combined with random pictures of excess.

DOOM: Repercussions of Evil


A cancer of /v/. Composed of circle jerk groups that draw MS paint porn of video game characters/creatures, usually related to Pokemon. As for right now, those particular drawfags are now "banned" or in hiding, and posting such threads on /v/ will lead to a banning.



“Druids”, refers to the game The Mystery of the Druids, a game that became well-known on /v/ due solely to its hysterical box-art, pictured to the right. Released back in 2001 for the PC, the game has no known basis regarding gameplay, and no one on /v/ has ever claimed to have bought it or played it, even out of curiosity. However, those that have played it give it a very poor review. The only thing even remotely interesting about the game is its box-art, featuring what we can guess is a Druid as per the game’s title, screaming for no apparent reason. But /v/’s just fine with that, as they are with anything that brings them lulz.

Many shoops for the box-art have been made, including the comically menacing face being shooped onto shady-looking individuals, with the caption “You Gonna’ Get DRUIDS” pasted onto it.


Edgeworth's ROCKET PUNCH!


In late 2006, following the popularity of Phoenix Wright's US release, many roleplay-style threads were made in which various Anonymous adopted a moniker of one or several characters. One anonymous portrayed Miles Edgeworth as a heroin user with disturbing hallucinations. The Anonymous would rapid-fire sometimes up to ten images with substantial changes to the setting (unlike most others who simply posted a stock character sprite and talked amongst one another) that had Edgeworth undergoing a maddening trip into his own psyche. In one of the last good threads, Miles Edgeworth appears with his head and hand having traded places. Edgeworth attacks Matt Engarde by shouting "You're a bastard! You made Phoenix cry! ROCKET PUNCH!" and then launches his head like a spring-loaded toy dart.

Soon after that, an annoying amount of poor-quality roleplay threads appear, and Anonymous grows agitated by them. Months after, a promising thread begins, but soon spirals down into regular failure. The thread was partially saved by Edgeworth's head, but otherwise was saged to death. Edgeworth's Rocket Punch has since appeared often in many attempts at further Phoenix Wright roleplay threads, intentionally disrupting the roleplay conversation. He is not a meme but a copypasta reminder that talking characters are boring, but a decapitated head launched from a jacket sleeve may be good for a lol. This Edgeworth must be used with caution: failure to disrupt a roleplay thread will possibly result in more roleplaying.


Fatlus is a term used to describe the RPG developer "Atlus", makers of such games as the Disagea series (not true, Atlus of America only localizes it), the Persona series, and the Trauma Center series. These games are often noted for the absurd amount of time and grinding they take to complete, and the fervor and presumed obesity of its fanbase. All who play Atlus games are labeled weeaboo fanboys and neckbeards by /v/, despite the fact most /v/irgins played and enjoyed Persona 3 and Trauma Center (and ironically, most Atlus fans are twigs). The term "Fucking Masterpiece." is often used to sarcastically describe these games, stemming from an MS paint comic where an overweight man in an Atlus t-shirt uses those words to describe Persona 3 (also not true, as the comic was originally of an overweight man using the words to describe Final Fantasy XXIII, although it was later edited into the more popular Fatlus version). Also not everybody who uses "Fatlus" is anti-Atlus as the fans use it themselves in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way.

Final Destination

Fucking Gamestop.

"Fucking Gamestop" threads consist of using nothing but greentext to tell a story about a trip to popular game and gaming peripherals store, GameStop, and will always end in ">Fucking Gamestop." unless the poster is doing it wrong. Common topics are overpriced games, underpriced games, awkwardly conversing with female clerks, and bears.

FUCK THAT You're goin' home!

Marche really is a dick.

A poignant question was raised about Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Was Marche, the main character, actually a villain? After much deliberation of Marche's alignment, a simple, crude comic was created. This comic not only put the plot of FFTA into a nutshell, but even Marche's intent and the story's epilogue. This image portrayed three characters - Mewt, Ritz, and Marche. In the first panel, Mewt is shown bleeding from the rock thrown at him in the beginning of the game, saying "I wish to be in FFT." Second panel, Ritz is enthralled in the new world "This place is great!" In the third panel, Marche appears swinging his sword, exclaiming "FUCK THAT You're goin' home!" Lastly, the final panel shows only the standard Handicapped symbol of a white stickfigure in a wheelchair on a blue background. This is in refrence to Doned, Marche's crippled brother, who would again be crippled after returning home.

The image when first posted was named "marcheisadick.png." This somehow created an agreement among most of anonymous that Marche was not villain nor hero... He was just a dick. The rumblings of the discussion quieted down soon after that, and almost always when a thread about FFTA appears, the comic of Marche being a dick is posted, or someone will post "FUCK THAT, You're goin' home" As well, the thread will also encounter Marche's Stupid Sexy Ass.


A website dedicated, as the name implies, to video game FAQs. It also has a massive set of message boards, covering nearly every game ever made and lots of other crap too. Generally very poorly regarded on /v/ (where it's often called "GameFAGs"), despite the fact that many 4channers actually frequent the GameFAQs boards.

Garden Gnome

"I'm calling for backup. No, don't back up!!!"
"Oh dear, is she going to be alright? I have an excellent deal on a vacation I could give her once she's feeling better..."

The Garden Gnome is a quaint and humorous item included in Half-Life 2: Episode 2, a game that was part of the trifecta of new content available on The Orange Box (along with Team Fortress 2 and Portal).

That’s what he’s here for.

The Garden Gnome appears early on in the game, within the first10 minutes. A special achievement challenge is present in the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game, where the player has to grab the Garden Gnome at the beginning of the game, and put him inside the rocket at the White Forest Missile-Base, which appears at the end of the game, meaning the Garden Gnome has to be carried throughout what is almost the game’s entire duration. This challenge is made slightly easier by the fact that the Garden Gnome can safely be carried in the car you receive in Episode 2, as well as the fact that Episode 2’s linear-path loops over itself in a couple areas, meaning the Garden Gnome can be set down and left unattended for the more complicated romps in the game, then safely picked back up again as the player returns to the same area.

The Garden Gnome mostly became a meme because of its uncanny similarity to the Roaming Gnome, leading many /v/irgins to make joking accusations of the Gnome’s inclusion in Episode 2 to be viral marketing by Travelocity. Thusly, screen-shots of Episode 2 featuring the Garden Gnome are often accompanied by lines from Travelocity’s unique and fairly well-known ads, such as “I’m here to enforce the guarantee…”.

Giant Enemy Crab

One of many hilarious moments at Sony's E3 2006 press conference. This particular gem involved an upcoming PS3 game Genji 2, which was described as "based on famous battles that actually took place in ancient Japan." The gameplay scene promptly shown involved a "giant enemy crab." The presenter then detailed how to "attack its weak point for massive damage," which also became a popular meme (to the point that some other companies such as Rare and Square Enix included text parodying the line in some of their own games). Very popular in /v/ where an artist made Giant Enemy Crab-Tan of a anime style girl in a crab suit. It was one of the few threads that was stickied in /v/. Pictures of giant crabs from various other games (such as Vagrant Story and Suikoden IV) were also posted as part of the meme.

God Hand Edit


From an anonymous MS Paint comic about God Hand, was edited to hell and back with just about every game ever made. The general template features a gamer:

  1. showing initial disinterest in something
  2. falling in love with it
  3. comparing himself to the "FIST OF THE NORTH STAR," and
  4. proclaiming "FUCK YES YOU ARE THE BEST <gameplay element> EVER"


A meme sprung from the educational Text game Real Lives, where it is common for 3rd world country characters and their families to develop the disease on a common basis. Since then, the meme has evolved into using Resident Evil 5 (Which is set in Africa or some other poor country, lol black people), and other instances with black people.

Green Biker Dude

Everyone's favorite character from the intro to Megaman X2. GBD is regarded as a hero throughout /v/ for his selfless efforts, which mostly include appearing in the background for a few seconds, popping a wheelie, and then blowing up.

Gutsman's Ass

A meme originating from the American Megaman Cartoon. It refers to a scene where Gutsman dresses up as a kangaroo at an amusement park to launch a sneak attack on Megaman, Rush, not being fooled, tears off the tail of the costume, exposing Gutsman's ass. The humor is derived from the fact that Megaman immedietly identify's Gutsman's ass as such. It's become common for every Megaman related thread to wind up with a picture of Gutsman's ass, followed by a picture of Megaman. See also: Gutsman's Ass, a video representation of said meme.

Half-Life: Full-Life Consequences


Half-Life: Full-Life Consequences is yet another example of the ridiculously poor fan-fiction based off videogames available on the internet. Similar to DOOM: Repercussions of Evil, it features nearly all facets of an abysmal piece of fan-fiction, such as a superfluous protagonist the writer made up for the story, copious spelling and grammatical errors, a completely incoherent plot that’s nearly impossible to follow, and a tenuous grasp of the subject matter that makes the viewer question if the writer’s even played the game. HL:FLC is a piece of fan-fiction based on the Half-Life 2 game that follows the story of John Freeman, Gordon Freeman’s motorcycle-riding brother, as he makes his way to Ravenholm to assist Gordon in fending off an a mysterious “final boss” (who’s given no description whatsoever), fighting various enemies along the way. The story is an abomination wrought by a writer who goes by “squirrelking”, and can be read in full here.

Its popularity was boosted with a rather intuitive Flash movie that mocked the various aspects of the story by illustrating its contents, including things like spelling-errors, which can be seen here. This Flash is where pretty much any visual content pertaining to the story comes from.

Though not as well known as “No, X. You are the Y”, the story inspired several minor memes such as “BECAUSE YOU ARE HEADCRAB ZOMBIE”, which is normally seen in any thread pertaining to the Headcrab-Zombies from the Half-Life games. Other quotations include “JOHN FREEMAN WHO WAS GORDON FREEMANS BROTHER”, the opening line of the fanfic and possibly the greatest expository line ever used in a piece of writing, being dropped into Half-Life 2 threads, especially ones regarding the game’s story.


Popular FPS developed by Bungie, and much reviled by /v/ for its legions of disgusting and horrible fans. Since these same fans often claim that Halo 'invented' FPS staples like shielding and recharging health, /v/irgins often ironically claim that 'Halo invented [BLANK].'.

Hot/Cold Coffee

Some nice, hot coffee…...OR IS IT?

The question of hot or cold coffee; not the confused with the Hot Coffee mod from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, is a somewhat minor meme that comes from a cut-scene in Tales of Symphonia. By this part of the game, Lloyd starts noticing Collette displaying some unhealthy characteristics, such as no longer sleeping, eating or being able to physically feel things like temperature or pain. Believing Collette to be covering-up these bizarre changes in order to keep her friends from worrying, Lloyd offers her some coffee, warning her how hot it is. Colette remarks that she can indeed feel the heat emanating from it, to which Lloyd replies that he actually handed her a glass of iced-coffee. Colette tries to recover, claiming she was kidding and swearing she can feel how cold the mug is, at which point Lloyd reveals he had actually handed her hot coffee in the first place, thus catching Colette in her lie.


Though the scene was not particularly poorly executed, cliché or corny, it still caught the attention of /v/irgins, probably just because of how odd the subject-matter is. The incident has become known as the Coffee Mind-fuck, with Lloyd usually taking up the job of screwing with your head when it comes to receiving a helping of coffee at a certain temperature. Lloyd has also been given the nickname "Coffee-kun", a name he is referred to with on boards like /v/ and /c/. Threads also appear on /v/ from time to time featuring Lloyd as an enraged Starbucks employee who only offers two options for your order: “motherfucking hot coffee”, or “motherfucking cold coffee”, offering none of the “Espresso or Frapucinno bullshit”.


In early 2007, gaming blog Kotaku posted an incredibly fucktarded article, revealing the amazing fact that the 12,000 year old ocarina was not in fact created by Nintendo for "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time." Also linked was an article intended to inform morons that hentai isn't just an urban legend, IT'S FUCKING REAL. The original post in the thread included the text:


This resulted in a flurry of increasingly absurd replies in the same format expressing wild sensationalism about pretty much everything ever put in a video game. Afterwards a series of comics were made depicting the Kotaku staff as a team of Slowpokes reporting on Sega dropping out of the console business. One of the particularly nonsensical replies to these comics was "HOLY PENIS WHAT A SCOOP," which was later used to repeatedly vandalize Kotaku's Wikipedia page along with various images of Slowpoke.



A popular meme started by a surreal MS Paint comic, describing an aftereffect of the traditional fanboy rage. The red-eyed close up of the "Idort" face is often posted when a user claims to own a selection of consoles that indicate a lack of loyalty in the console war, and as such is regularly posted in any "DS vs. PSP" threads. Nowadays its use has become so common that often it can be used positively to describe one's neutrality in the console war (e.g. "I'm an idort").

It doesn't matter, I'm in both. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

A very recent meme from Yoshimitsu, the tripfag. It started when a person started complaining about the two versions of Soul Calibur IV. Suddenly, Yoshimitsu said, with an accompanying picture of himself, "It doesn't matter, I'm in both. HAHAHAHAHAHA." It was followed by responses by several anonymous following along the lines of, "Oh you". Since then, anytime someone complains about either version of Soul Calibur IV, he is sure to pop up with that quote.

He also gained a slightly "larger" fanbase, when he said the same thing about Tekken and Soul Calibur. Upon realizing how bad ass someone must be to be in two fighting game series, they started to love him. His popularity as the tripfag went up significantly.

IT'S AS IF I'M REALLY ___________

A meme that mocks the supposed "realism" of a game. While commonly associated with Persona 3 for it's heavy usage of Japanese honorifics and that the major bulk of the game involves Japanese high school life (resulting in "IT'S AS IF I'M REALLY JAPANESE"), it's possible that it may have existed earlier; some evidence points to the game Metal Gear Solid and the in game anime fan Otakon wetting his pants upon the standoff between the lead Solid Snake and the enigmatic Cyborg Ninja, quipping this gem: "It's just like one of my Japanese Animes."

It's over. <product/company> is finished.

Short, simple boilerplate text, mostly used to troll in response to business news about Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony. Generally, any occurrence with remotely negative consequences for the subject at hand will procure several declarations of "It's over, <blank> is finished."

Japan Time

An enigmatic message...

A meme created when Smash Bros Dojo, official website for the game Super Smash Bros Brawl, was taken down with a countdown to it's reopening put in it's place. The source of the meme comes from when the countdown reached Zero, rather than the launch of the new Smash Bros site, a message was displayed "Opening Today! (Japan Time)". This obscure message raised a huge uproar and when the site was in fact opened, it was revealed that the Dojo would have daily weekday updates, and thus every update to the Smash Bros Dojo is considered "Japan Time". Japan Time is around Midnight PST (3AM EST), but is known to be late, in which case /v/ will often be flooded with posts demanding to know where Japan Time is and people claiming fake Japan Time updates. Japan Time almost always underwhelms /v/, but yet, /v/ continues to stay up anticipating the next one. This continual disappointment seems to stem from the belief that the site was going to up updated with one huge update instead of several small ones. One exceptionally late Japan Time that didn't occur until 4 AM spawned a new mini meme, due to the fact that when the page was refreshed to see if the update had happened, the viewer would be disappointed to find nothing but Knuckle Joe staring you in the face. He is now associated with all late Japan Times. Lately, Japan Time has become epic fail, which has lead to widespread belief that Masahiro Sakurai (the man behind the Smash Bros Dojo site) has begun using Japan Time as a way to taunt and/or otherwise troll fans of the game.

Recently, the Starcraft tournaments have been referred to as 'Korea Time'.

King Dedede

The main villain of Kirby's Dream Land, although he's since devolved into merely a michevious character. King Dedede enjoyed a fair amount of popularity on /v/ after his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where he is seen pimp-slapping Bowser and being a total dick to hero and villain alike, usually attributed to the SSB and Kirby's creator Sakurai (who also 'voiced' him) having a specific love for Dedede. More recently, /v/ has debated on his relationship with a snail named Escargoon in the Kirby anime. The two are often portrayed as an ambiguously gay duo and any Kirby thread on /v/ is currently subjected to derailment by pictures of Dedede and Escargoon being gay for each other, be it screenshots from the anime or fanart. Adding fuel to the fire is Escargoon's dub voice is an obvious impersonation of Paul Lynde, who actually did voice work, but was more famously a campy actor who was understood to be gay without ever outright admitting it.

Lust penis

Metal Gear - Fight of Metal Gears

The full first two parts in an embedded RAR.

A hilariously bad fanfiction made by squirrelking on Fanfiction.net. Before "Fight of Metal Gears", an animated recreation of "Half Life: Full Life Consequences" was posted on /f/ in multiple parts. Following suit, an anonymous on /v/ had drawn sixty eight (68) comical images, paired with portions of the fiction text in its entirety. Split into two parts/threads, the first "Fight of Metal Gears" consisting of thirty six images was posted on April 22, 2007, and the second "Old Enemys Come Back" with the remaining thirty two, on May 01, 2007. The anonymous who created the images has taken the name and trip of AnonJack !H5vjG1imLc for the purpose of the threads, but otherwise posts anonymously.

The story so far: Jake Snake is Solid Snake's son, and Solid Snake died of old age, leaving Jake Snake to fight bad guys and Metal Gears. Jake Snake travels to Out Heaven with help from Otacon and does battle with a lot of Metal Gears and shirtless bad guys. The first part ends with Jake Snake firing a nuclear weapon that will leave him unscathed but will blow up the enemies. After sneaking into the enemy base which is up in trees, Jake Snake is cornered by Revolver Ocelot, who shoots out Jake Snake's left eye. Jake Snake quickly dons an eyepatch, but is trapped in a room quickly filling with gas. This cliffhanger is the end of part two and squirrelking is likely not to make any more about it. Therefore, AnonJack had stated that he would create part 3 of Fight of Metal Gears himself, titled Metal Gear: Fight of Metal Gears 3 - Jake Snake's Revenge. Though, the massive amount of drawfaggotry, the resulting Anonymous' animosity towards any kind of drawing (that isn't a template thread) and Newfag Summer has caused AnonJack to hold off on Part 3 indefinetly.


A very new meme spawned from the simulation/strategy flash game Pandemic 2. In the game, the player must create and evolve a disease to infect and subsequently kill every human on earth using various traits. Whereas most countries are relatively easy to infect with the right plan, the country of Madagascar is insanely difficult to infect due to singular point of entry: a lone shipyard. To add to this the government of Madagascar ingame is extremely quick to shut down its shipyard with only the slightest provocation of the disease, even if it has no symptoms. Once /v/ got their hands on the game, their rage towards the country grew. Tons of ms paint comics depicting the "president of Madagascar" closing its shipyard when a person sneezes in a different country, shops of the actual president with the words such as "Just As Planned" or "Port's Closed due to cough", card crushers, allusions to the Dreamworks CGI movie Madagascar were made and /v/'s personal favorite "SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN!". The meme and the game are most likely doomed to the same fate as the similar Goiter from Real Lives. In addition, there has also been speculation around why Greenland's hospital is still open after the entire population of the country is dead. This often leads to theories about robot doctors taking over the hospitals.


A picture of an extremely ugly action figure of the character KOS-MOS from Xenosaga (which is Enterbrain's fault, not Namco's), that for a time was almost inevitably posted in any Xenosaga thread large enough to be noticed. When Soul Calibur III was released, its character creation system that allowed the player to make a fighter who resembles KOS-MOS. This feature was briefly used in /v/ to produce new "MOK-KOS" pics. However, this did not last long, and the meme soon fell into disuse.

In Japan, the "MOK-KOS" figure is known as "Jashin" (evil god) MOK-KOS. Interestingly, the well timed production of a similar ugly figure for Fate Stay Night (dubbed 'Sader') is just as funny. Note that the difference between Mok-Kos and Sader is that the latter is a bootleg.

“No, X. You are the Y”

A meme spawned from the last lines of the DOOM: Repercussions of Evil fan-fiction, the infamously abysmal piece of writing that many view as the utter pinnacle of the failure that is fan-fiction.

The Doom fanfic ends with our hero John being separated from the demons he was fighting by a collapsed ceiling, and John shouting “’No! I must kill the demons!’”. At this point, his companion over the walkie-talkie informs him “’No, John. You are the demons’”, and the fanfic ends with the line “And then John was a zombie.”.

The proper formula for use of this meme is “No, X. You are the Y”. For example: “No, Anonymous. You are the Newfags”. This phrase is optionally followed by “And then X was a Z”. Y and Z can either be synonyms, or the exact same word. For example: “No, PS3. You are the novelty-gimmicks” may be followed by either “And then PS3 was a novelty-gimmick”, or “And then PS3 was a Wii”.

The phrase “You are the demons” may also be used to refer to a cheesy, predictable or poorly-executed twist-ending. For example: “The Village has a terrible “You are the demons” ending, like all of Shyamalan’s flicks”.

Now You’re Thinking With Portals

Ondore's Lies

Marquis Halim Ondore IV, a character from Final Fantasy XII, is well known in /v/ for telling lies. Always remember when you encounter him: Don't listen to Ondore's lies.

The Pain

I'm covered in bees!

Miraculously stupid boss from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Unusually for a series where minor side characters have more backstory than even a real person would really need, The Pain had none - arriving out of nowhere, getting shot, and then exploding. Even more stupidly his power was that he was covered in hornets. This crossbred with Eddie Izzard via this webcomic, and emerged as I'M COVERED IN BEES - THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF THE PAIN. This has become copypasta.

There is also a Bel-Aired version of the copypasta, originally provided by tripfag Donkey Kong:


Piccolo Dick

An animated gif of Piccolo fucking Vegeta in the ass. Typically Piccolo Dick is posted to indicate a massive amount of epic fail, either in horrible threads or, if /v/ as a whole is sucking pretty bad, in a thread by itself. Despite being not work safe and not technically /v/ related, it has become one of the more amusing things on /v/ as of late. Also called the "Daily Dose" due to the fact that it usually gets posted at least once a day, often at a usual time.

Pikachu is just one of my favorites

Originated from a thread posted on April 1st, 2007 at 2am on /v/, the videogames image board. It has since become a copypasta. The OP was describing why he chose the Pokemon team he did. His description of his fondness for Pikachu (No. 25 and mascot of the Pokemon franchise) struck the rest of /v/ as impossible to take seriously. OP was quoted as follows:

"Pikachu is just one of my favorites because he’s basically the living representation of raw unparalleled will and unbridled energy and determination."

It caught on quickly because of the seriousness of the tone, proving once again that Pokemon fans are retarded.

Pokemon in General

On /v/, it's not surprising if there's a Pokemon thread on every page. Pokefags will post these threads for battling/trading/furfaggotry/etc.

These threads usually contain reposts after reposts of Pokemon pics, whether it's cutesy or porn. Gardevoir, Zangoose, and Lucario are some of those infamous Pokemon in particular, as they are furfag bait.




Posted as copypasta to 4chan.

"So I'm playing Secret of Mana with my friend Senate over ZSNES. We just got to The Empire (more than halfway through the game), and he's still wearing his fucking power wrist. It has 4 defense, as opposed to the ~20 defense from the armor available to us right now (this makes a lot of difference in the world of mana), but he keeps it anyways because it has +5 STR which he is convinced is more important than any amount of defense (it's not).
"So while we were in the shop at The Empire, he gave up control of his character for a moment to go AFK, so I popped into his inventory and unequipped his power wrist so I could sell it and buy a Golem Ring instead. He noticed soon after he returned that his power wrist was missing, and became irate.
"So now we're on our way to "potatos" (he means Potos Village) to buy back his power wrist. What he doesn't know is that he can buy it at the shop we just left in The Empire."

Full text:




Yes. They actually printed this.

Taken from the North American video game magazine "Gamepro," in which the editor of reviews for new games will randomly place "Protips" through the article, consisting of seemingly obvious advice on the game. As such, it is often used in trolls and responses to trolls to imply that the contents of one's post are blatantly obvious.

The use of "Protip" originally rose from a previous meme, stemming from a somewhat older issue of Gamepro, in which one of the Protips for the original "Doom" game was how to defeat the Cyberdemon. It offered the evidently absurd, and mostly useless advice "PROTIP: To defeat the Cyberdemon, shoot at it until it dies." Similarly to Battletoads, this advice is frequently given whenever someone tries to ask for help in a game other than Doom, or just help in general.

Razor the Hedgehog

See Razor the Hedgehog


/v/'s answer to /b/'s Duckroll.

Seth MacFarlane used it on Family Guy, which officially makes it an old, tired meme.

Real Lives

A educational text game discovered in late July 2007, where it's possible to do the following: steal stuff, get rare 3rd world diseases, become a dictator, beat your wife after she throws a brick or something else at you, get raped and have a child from it, Other sadistic things /v/ loves.

It has since then given birth to the Goiter meme.

To play the game, you can get an evaluation version from the company website at http://www.educationalsimulations.com/eval.php To play the original 2007 version you can get it from BrotherSoft


Refers to the game Deus Ex, a PC game released in 2000 that is one of the few games that /v/ seems to unanimously agree on being an excellent, quality game, to the point where (unlike other titles /v/ seems to agree upon like Godhand and Ocarina of Time) it has almost become troll-proof. The game, produced by Eidos, was a shooter/RPG-hybrid featuring a rich, inventive narrative that was both philosophical and deep (to the point where many Anonymous on /a/ demand that it be made into an anime), as well as an incredible degree of freedom that has made it widely considered to be one of the greatest games of all-time, and is currently expecting a worthwhile sequel, to the delight of many fans.

The phrase "Reinstalling..." implies that many /v/irgins played the game when it was originally released and still have it, but seeing threads on /v/ about the game remind them how good it was, thus forcing them to reinstall it and play through it again.


Refers to yet another hilarious moment in Sony's E3 2006 press conference. During the PSP segment, Kaz Hirai unveiled an emulation of the original Ridge Racer for the PSP with the overly zealous exclamation of "It's Ridge Racer, RIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACER!" While not particularly notable in the context of the show, due to Kaz's strange tone and delivery it was quickly edited into bizarre, repeating sound loops along with 599 and Giant Enemy Crab, and was met with many lulz.


From an MS Paint comic of a stereotypical black man playing an Xbox, commonly used as a troll towards the aforementioned console due to a large amount of its popular titles being first person shooters. Has been used so frequently that any enthusiasm about a particular genre is usually presented in niggerspeak, e.g. "FIGHTAN GAEMS," "ROLE PLAYAN GAEMS," etc.


Slowpoke is a Pokémon noted for its slowness. It is often used in response to something stated that might be considered old news. Several pictures of other Pokémon have been edited to look like Slowpoke and used for the same purposes. This trend seems to have also taken root in /co/, where pictures of Slowpoke edited to look like various comic book super heroes have been created, including one paradoxial image of a Slowpoke The Flash.

Slowpoke is also usually used to make combo threads, where the OP's post has a upper left of slowpoke's face and tries to continue to post the rest of it. This usually fails though, as a simple "No" should be posted. Combo threads almost always leads to a banning, even on /b/.


A fairly new meme originating from the game The World Ends With You. The game is split into 3 weeks and in the 2nd week you face a colorful villain named Sho Minamimoto. Sho has a sickeningly intense love for math; he will often shout phrases such as "factoring hectopascals" or "SINE COSINE TAGENT" out of the blue. His favorite word is apparently zetta (a prefix used to denote a number of 10 to the 21st power), which he uses as a modifier. During the boss fight, sho will shout "SO ZETTA SLOW" every time you try to target him with an attack, leading to him saying the phrase a lot. On /v/, so zetta slow is used synonymously with slowpoke, in that, sho and the phrase are posted when someone posts old news. Sho has also adopted the role of a joke teller. His jokes are always very bad puns, similar to to Ultros only they are always math related.

Sonic Edits

"Sonic Edits" are edits, usually of just the text, of a corny-as-all-Hell joke-book/coloring-book featuring the cast of Sonic the Hedgehog, believed to have been released in the UK around 1994.

The original.

The first edit, which started the whole editing craze and bumped it up to the echelon of meme-dom, was a simple edit of a frame of Doctor Robotnik/Eggman talking to one of his robot-penguins, with the contents of his word-bubble being replaced with “CANDLE SNIFFING FUCK FENCE GO CLIMB A WALL OF DICKS”. After that, the genie was out of the bottle, and there were soon being edits made of almost every illustrated joke in the whole book, thusly doing what the book's original writers failed to do: actually make the jokes funny.

Probably the most famous Sonic Edit. The phrase "DOUBLE NIGGER" became a minor meme across many of the 4chan boards.

The Sonic Edits usually follow a trend of using explicit and over-the-top profanity of the same nature as the first edit. Aside from that, there’s really no trend to the edits except for general, sometimes absurdist humor. Needless to say, they’re less than kid-friendly. It’s also notable that this is probably the only entertaining or remotely worth-wile thing that has ever been produced relating to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.


One of those hilarious shops. Scrub behind your ears or serve your sentence.

The most imfamous line spoken by the Imperial Watch in Obilvion, whenever a crime is commited by the player. One time a thread was made about it, then all of the sudden, AnonJack (as Anonymous) started posting random pictures with the guard shopped in randomly (like from in a bathtub or in a cash register). The Imperial Guard and his phrase is also famous for a fapfic edit that involves the pokemon Gardevoir.

In game: Your actions when caught by one of these guards is to either pay gold, go to jail, or resist arrest. If you pay gold or serve your sentence, your stolen goods are now forfeit. If you resist arrest, THEN PAY WITH YOUR BLOOD!

Splash Woman

The first Female Robot Master boss to appear in the Original Megaman series. Fanart & /34/ of her spread like wildfire.

Stupid Sexy Marche

Marche Radiuju, the main character of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has always been a polorizing figure on /v/. Many on /v/ believe he is the villian of the game because he destroys an alternate reality that all his friends find happiness in, while others argue that he was stopping a harmful escapism, encouraging (or perhaps forcing them) to confront realities they insisted on running away from. This is a concept explored in the anime Asura Cryin as well.

Boring exposition on the nature of morality aside, Marche gained /v/'s full attention when the tripfag Black_Knight put up Marche's character art and zoomed in showing that his shorts rode up his butt checks making his ass look like it was in full view with the quote 'Stupid Sexy Marche'. All hell broke loose on /v/ as no one on the board had noticed that detail even though it was official character art and is featured in the instruction booklet and there was a thread on Marche every other day.

The phrase 'Stupid Sexy Marche' was in reference to a notorious scene from The Simpsons in which Homer is traumatized by memories of Ned Flanders in a skintight outfit, declaring 'it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!' That latter part was later added as a separate post being written "Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. Nothing at all! NOTHING AT ALL!" There is also a misconception that this started with Soild Snake.

There is also another meme related to Marche, FUCK THAT You're goin' home!

Summon your Persona


A reference to the game Persona 3. In the game, Personas; manifestations of one’s own psyche that are capable of doing battle; can be summoned into reality via use of a tool called an Evoker; a gun-shaped device that is aimed through the summoner’s head and shot, causing the Persona to rocket out of the other side. Persona 3 is a game steeped in deep symbolism, the use of the Evoker being psychologically symbolic of the act of committing suicide. In-game explanation-wise, they were created to stimulate fear needed to summon.

Pull trigger, receive Persona

Taken figuratively as a meme, however, to summon your Persona basically means to shoot yourself in the head. This is one of the various methods of becoming An Hero, and is the /v/ equivalent to /a/’s Make yourself taller.


"Tidos" is a meme spawned from a horribly deformed image of Final Fantasy X's protagonist, Tidus, being used as one's desktop. It is universally spammed throughout many of 4chan's boards when a thread asking users to post their desktops is posted. Since then, a ragdoll version of Tidus has been used in response with similar deformities shouting out Tidus's cheesier quotes from the game or, more commonly, his infamous maniacal, wooden, and corny laugh as used in one section of the game. This Tidos can also be used to spell out his own name and comment on the breast sizes of Soul Calibur characters.

Tomonobu Itagaki

The (now former) head of Team Ninja, one of Tecmo's development groups, Tomonobu Itagaki is well known for his work on the Dead or Alive series of games and the recent Ninja Gaiden games on XBox, as well as his ridiculing of Namco and the Tekken series. However, he is well-known on /v/ for his incredibly horrible complexion, resembling a cross between a teenager ravaged with acne and a meth addict. Any thread involving Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden is subject to being derailed by Itagaki, often with users zooming in on portions of his skin resembling moon craters, and then zooming out, revealing that his face is, in fact, the moon.

His mockery of video games not created by him (including Devil May Cry 4 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the latter of which he had no part in making despite it being a Ninja Gaiden game) has caused /v/ to proclaim him an honorary /v/irgin. Eventually he got tired of putting up with Tecmo's shit and left the company.

Touchdown! Thurman Thomas!



A person who plays games competitively in tournaments. Since most hardcore tournaments involve removing any elements of the game that rely too much on chance in order to leave the results of the tournaments to pure skill, Tourneyfagss are usually depicted as people who enjoy taking as much fun possible out of a game. The term is widely applied to Smash Bros, with the average tourneytfag being a person who plays with items off on Final Destination (an entirely flat and uninteresting stage) and with only high-teir characters like Fox and Marth who insist that that's the way the game was intended to be played, forcing their beliefs on others. The tourneyfag became personified when on one Japan Time update, it was revealed that Zero Suit Samus would only be selectable by use of a Final Smash. Dylan_Tnga of the SmashWorld forms raised a huge uproar over the fact that he would be forced to use items in order to play a certain character (it seems his complaints were in vain as there is a way to legitimately start with Zero Suit Samus), to the point of making death threats toward Sakurai for being a "Scrub lover" Dylan was both banned from SmashWorld for his uproar and became the personification of a Tourneyfag, many people often posting as him using an image of SS3 Goku (Dylan's avatar at the time).

This meme also manifested itself at one point as a series of MS paint comics, following the "no items, fox only, final destination" formula, with various video games and real life situations substituted. However, it seems to have died as quickly as it started due to being quickly hijacked by every other gaming community in existence, who promptly ran it into the ground with poor-quality, humorless edits.


What did the /v/irgin's personal ad say? SINGLE AND FUCK YEAH SEAKING!

A recurring villain of Final Fantasy VI used mainly for comedic relief. Basically he's a giant purple octopus known for both his persistence and his weird quotes. While his name is an engrish misinterpretation of "Orthros," he kept the name Ultros in the Game Boy Advance remake of Final Fantasy VI due to his popularity (plus he looks absolutely nothing like the Orthros of Greek mythology, which is a two headed dog). Recently he gained some notoriety on /v/ for telling extremely bad jokes, usually involving puns. Since no one in /v/ actually watches Television, most of Ultros' terrible jokes and puns are quite humerus to them. Whenever Ultros tells a joke, the punchline is always hidden using the spoiler tag.

Recently, Ultros has appeared in /a/ and /co/ doing anime and comics related comedy from time time. However, he still keeps mostly to /v/.

More recently, a number of newfags have made various attempts at imitating Ultros, but the real Ultros is easy to spot amongst the fakes--while the real Ultros' jokes are so laughably bad that they're good, a fake Ultros' jokes are just plain bad.



A particularly short-sighted meme involving the pre-release cover art to Super Mario Galaxy. Apparently there are little sparkles on the title text, and upon removing the letters without sparkles you get "UR MR GAY." Despite that it's quite widespread around the rest of the internet (which often turns Anonymous off from any joke or meme), it seems to have already become an affectionate nickname for the game, much in the same vein as 8.8.

Shortly after its discovery, mutations started appearing, such as "UR MR GAR"; a version in which Mario was redrawn to resemble Simon from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.

Vidya Gaems

Derogatory term for 'video game' in the same vain as using 'animu and mango' for 'anime and manga'.

Xbox 360 Kid

Average Xbox owner.

An Xbox 360 ad from a sales flyer, originally used to troll fans of the Xbox. Notable because it features a picture of semi-retarded smug as fuck teenager with a baseball cap and braces, adorned with the caption "The great thing about the 360 isn't beating the games, it's showing everyone online that I did." Much like the Zelda CD-i meme, his idiotic expression and braces were soon MS Painted onto various video game characters, with appropriate captions (e.g. the great thing about stomping goombas...). /a/ and other boards jumped on this MS Paint bandwagon too.


”It’s-a me! Weegee!”

Weegee is a meme referring to the character Luigi, Mario’s taller green brother from the Super Mario franchise, “Weegee” being a bastardized corruption of his name (and appropriately, Weegee happens to be a bastardized corruption of Luigi himself).

Weegee, and his related image pictured to the right, comes from the DOS version of Mario Is Missing!, an edutainment title focusing on geography released in 1992. The game had nothing to do with Nintendo or Miyamoto as far as production and game design, and was created by a totally different company (named “The Software Toolworks”) merely using Nintendo’s characters after acquiring the rights to do so (there were a fair number of such abysmal edutainment or otherwise just downright crappy titles released over the years featuring Nintendo’s characters produced by poor-quality 3rd-party companies, peaking during the early 90’s. Look at the Zelda CD-i games released by Phillips for a perfect example). The game involved Luigi having to rescue Mario from Bowser by traveling to different cities around the world and answering geography questions in order to progress. Needless to say for a 3rd-party produced geography edutainment title, it was awful. Aside from the retarded gameplay, the game also featured very stiffly animated and odd-looking sprites of the Mario Brothers, the image of Weegee being The Software Toolworks’ rough approximation of Luigi, who’s strange and somewhat creepy animation can be seen in this video on YouTube removed showcasing the ending cinematic seen upon completing the game.

Weegee’s position on /v/ has produced much lulz for the /v/irgins there, his function being to be Photoshopped into every image or situation available.


I like XBawks.

A /v/ meme that was created from an edit of a Penny Arcade comic. This meme has spawned numerous edits of Penny Arcade strips, referencing that Gabe and Tycho's comic personas (which are usally mistaken for literal avatars) don't look like their real selves, specifically Tycho's lack of hair. Other associated quotes are "Why am I so pig-like in appearance?" and "Do you like the vidya games?" Currently, every single new Penny Arcade comic is subjected to a photo of "WHY I AM SO BALD?/WHY AM I SO BALD!?" This is one of /v/'s most popular memes.


The indescribably bizarre name Nintendo chose for its latest console, previously known as the Revolution. Predictably, the very odd name resulted in a flood of posting on /v/, most of it negative. Jokes of dubious humor value relating to urine and penises were common, and the minority of posters who liked the new name were promptly labelled "Wiiaboo". The name was also mercilessly ridiculed on /b/. The hatred of its name was largely forgotten when the competing PlayStation 3's extremely high price was announced.

You Don't See Snake

The much-reviled tripfag Walter Joseph Kovacs attempted to make his own variant of the 'invisible Big Boss' meme by posting an image from Super Smash Bros Brawl, showing Snake grabbing Ike, his OP reading 'when you see it...'. The two responses were 'you don't see Snake' and 'lol'. The biggest problem was that Walter Joseph Kovacs posted both responses, his tripcode proudly displayed on each.

The post was circulated as a screencap, displayed as a prime example of why tripfags suck. "You don't see Snake" is now used as a catch-all phrase when a tripfag or namedag does something stupid in a desperate attempt to feed their own ego, or as an accusation of samefaggotry. Walter is currently banned on sight, and rarely his post remain for ten minutes on /v/ before getting deleted.

Yuri the Only One For Me

A fanmade music video that uses a remixed version of Final Fantasy VII's overworld theme having lyrics containing anime and game-related puns creating a pop love song. Guaranteed to incite RAGE on both /a/ and /v/.

Zelda CD-i

An abomination of nature that spawned from a broken partnership between Philips and Nintendo after which Philips still retained rights to the Zelda series, the Zelda CD-i games are regarded as some of the most hilariously awful games in existence. Though the slow, clunky gameplay and nonexistent difficulty made these games bad enough, what distinguished the Zelda CD-i games from other awful games were twofold: its animated FMVs, the production of which was outsourced to a Russian animation team, with unsightly results; and its horrendous script, whose cliche-ridden lines and lame inside jokes are highly indicative of a complete and utter unfamiliarity with the source material, with lines like "I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos" sounding like someone randomly picking terms from a Zelda guide and throwing them into the script just because he could.

The infamous Zelda CD-i pose

Though /v/ had been familiar with the Zelda CD-i games for years, the popularity of these games skyrocketed when an Anonymous user posted a picture of Sonic from an old Japanese commercial making a facial expression similar to that of the king from 'Faces of Evil', accompanied by the text "TAAAAAAAIIIIIIILS MAH BOOOOOOOOOOOOI" (instead of the king's "LINK MAH BOOOOOI"). All hell broke loose in a matter of days, as MS Paint pictures of several video game characters making this pose along with several other signature poses from the Zelda CD-i games began to surface. Though several poses from the games have been used, the following three poses are most popular:

  • Character imitating king by pointing finger upward, mouth gaping open, with accompanying text "_________ MAH BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI"
  • Character imitating Link by stretching right arm and bending left, eyes rolled back, and goofy idiot smile, with accompanying text "I just wonder what _________'s up to!"
  • Characters imitating Link and Zelda with Link looking over Zelda's shoulder saying "How about a kiss... for luck?", to which Zelda replies "You have GOT to be kidding me." The follow-up on the pose, where Zelda looks to the size while Link clasps his mouth in a hysterical grin, is also used.

This meme is also notable in that it managed to cross over to /a/ despite having virtually nothing to do with anime, though it is now generally considered to have overstayed its welcome there. Soon enough, it began getting posted on /b/ and has become quite popular there too, though some people consider it a forced meme.


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