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When the fansub group No Name Losers completed their English patch for the H-game Wind -a breath of heart-, they initially wanted only legitimate owners of the game to obtain the patch, not people who pirated it. NNL is known to be staunchly anti-pirate, so for one to prove they were a legit owner, he or she had to answer a questionnaire and provide certain photographic evidence of the game, including a picture of the support disc broken into pieces. This, NNL argued, was to ensure that the patch was used by the legit owner alone and no one else. This caused a furor in the fansub community. People were unwilling to intentionally damage an expensive game they had to import, and NNL was criticized as being elitist and trying to get people to jump hoops for them with their "background checks." Ultimately, NNL completely retracted their statement and decided to publicly release their patch. Since then, "break the support disc" has been used as a meme for discussions usually concerning Internet piracy.

The postscript to this tale is that NNL completed the patch, released it in early 2007 without any anti-piracy measures whatsoever, the game was widely recognized as being pretty bad (even by NNL themselves) and faded into obscurity almost immediately.