Breaker Yuusha(tentative title)

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The best way to describe this super robot story would be if you were to take the basic elements from transformers and a sentai series, this is probably what you'll end up with.


The story takes place in a not to far off future in a yet to be named college campus city where a slightly off beat student becomes acquainted with five mechanoids from a now nonexistent advanced civilization.


Breaker Red: The leader of the five unit squad. Has a mastery of fire based attacks. He has a rather large yet well balanced design to his robot mode much like King Exkaiser. His weaponry consists of the Twin Sword(s) of Leadership that can split into two or combine to form a slightly larger sword. On each of his forearms are miniature gatling guns called "Red Magnum". He has a very flexible fighting style that incorporates martial arts with many vents on his body that release fire creating attacks such as "Spiral Fire Kick" and "Flame Drill Strike".


Main Character (yet to be named): A college student currently studying


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