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Cats are generally loved on 4chan, despite some people posting Cat Stomp and Zippocat. Saturday is often Caturday, with cat-themed floods of pictures.

Pictures of cats, along with any other domesticated animals, were generally not welcome on /n/ (now defunct, merged with /an/), and are still often a sore point among /an/ frequenters.

In general, when a cat image macro is made, the cat's control of the English language is fairly basic, with frequent spelling and grammar mistakes.

Cat rules

The following rules are cat rules:

38. One cat leads to another.
39. Another cat leads to Zippocat.


Caturday is the day of the week to post images of cats, especially as a flood of pictures in every thread. It falls on every Saturday.

Cat Stomp

Cat Stomp is a series of pictures and a video of a disgusting whore chink woman murdering a defenseless kitten by stomping on it with her high-heeled shoes.


Zippotcat is a series of pictures portraying a real cat inquisitively exploring a shelf, and then being burned by lighter fluid. It is one of the more loathed images of /b/ because of its love for cats.


Catgirls are largely mainstream in anime. Quite simply, A human female with cat ears and tail, sometimes over-sized paws on their hands and feet. Catgirls are not considered furry in /b/, and similar lightly furred anthros are also considered "catgirls", such as the foxgirls.


lolicatgirls is not actually about cats.

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