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Japanese Bird Cooking Spaghetti. A new thread containing it can be seen posted on /jp/ every hour.

/jp/ - Japan/General Otaku Culture 4chan imageboard.

/jp/ is the Japanese culture board, created by moot around 2008/02/29 during /a/day. The userbase consisted mostly of former /a/ssholes at first, but has gradually drawn members from other parts of the 4chan interested in Japan and its related subjects.

/jp/ is a less chaotic version of /a/, with a heavy emphasis on Touhou, and Japanese society visual novels. Visual novels and figurines, which were exiled from /a/, are allowed on /jp/.

/jp/ posters usually refer to themselves as /jp/edos.

/jp/ Theme Song

Vocaloid - /jp/ Theme Song is a music video representing /jp/edos:

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