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  • Pilot: S-01
  • Background: Named after the Sun God in the Yoma religion. This was one of the two mechs left behind on the surface to reawaken the Yoma after the cosmic storms passed. It, like it's counterpart machine, malfunctioned and was buried. The Fire Legion found it and fixed it to use it against the TDF. The mech resumed it's normal programming and awakened the Yoma, however. It would then fight for the Yoma to drive humans off the planet. Unlike all the other Yoma mechs, this and it's counterpart are controlled by AI instead of a pilot.
  • Description: It looks like a humaniod brown recluse spider. All of it's weapons are laser based. It has two arms, two legs, and four spider like legs on it's back. These extra legs are used for long range combat. It's forearms can open up and fire super heated laser blasts.
  • Attacks

Compound Laser- The mech fires lasers from it's eyes.

Sun Blast- The mech's forearms open and fire laser shots at the enmy.

Sun Link- Energy crackles between the mech's spider legs. It then fires four seperate lasers that combine and hit the enemy.

Sun God's Fury- The mech fires all of it's laser weapons at the enemy.