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  • Pilot: M-01
  • Background: Named after the Moon God in the Yoma Religion. Like Chasa, it was left behind on the surface to reawaken the Yoma after the cosmic storms had passed. It malfunctioned and was buried along with Chasa, only to be fixed by the Fire Legion. It would resume it's orginal programming and awaken the Yoma. Instead of a pilot, this mech was controlled by an AI system.
  • Description: It looks like a humaniod black widow spider. It's weapons are ice-based. It has two arms, two legs, and four spider legs on the back. Those are for long range attacks. It has a hourglass symbol located on it's chest. It's forearms can open to fire freezing shots at the enemy.
  • Attacks

Symbol Shot- The mech's hourglass symbol glows and fires a laser at the enemy.

Frost Blast- The mech's forearms open and fire freezing shots.

Ice Strom- The mech's spider legs fire ice shards that rain down on the target..

The Cold Moon- Chau grabs the target and freezes it. It then fires a Frost Blast, impaling the target.