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  • Notable Pilots: None
  • Background: This Yoma Mech is named after the servants of the Water God in the Yoma religion. This is their mass produced unit for water battles. They are more heavily armored than a Simos and attack in waves. Like all other Yoma Mechs it runs on what appears to be a ancient L.A.B fuel cell. These can also operate on land.
  • Description: These mechs look like humaniod versions of Whrilgig beetles. They have long arms which give them great attack range. The shell on the back conceals energy cannons. The eyes can shoot lasers.
  • Attacks

Compound Laser- Lasers shot from the eyes.

Arm Bash- The mech attacks with it's long arms.

Energy Cannon- The mech deploys it's energy cannons and fire them.