Cox the Fox

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One of the most pathetic attempts at forcing a meme in the known universe. Cox the Fox is a male anthropomorphic (read: furry) fox created by a macrophile furfag artist named Gideon. As his name implies, he has a huge penis rivaling most porn stars, and pretty much every picture of him, even those that are not intended as porn, involve his gigantic schlong buried under either his jeans, or the ass of another furfag. Pictures of Cox the Fox are often flooded into a single thread, usually with the text "Cox the Fox is now a meme." Many of these pictures are often variations of other image macros with Cox shooped into them.

Because /b/ has a low tolerance for furries in general, and male furries with oversized penises in particular, this act is often met with derision and sage-bombs. Because of this, Cox has never caught on as a meme, although some furfags still try to make him one every now and then.