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Creepy-chan, also known as Cute-chan, Tussin-chan and Alli, is a non-self-posting camgirl. She first appeared on /b/ in late 2005 under the name Tussin-chan, a reference to her tripped-out appearance. She was later renamed Creepy-chan when more pictures of her were posted and it became apparant that her distinctive appearance was mostly caused by a predilection towards heavy eye makeup and her signature wide-eyed stare.


  • Name: Allison Harvard
  • Alias: Creepy-chan, Cute-chan, Tussin-chan
  • DOB: 1989
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana


Creepy faded into obscurity in early 2006 until Anonymous found her MySpace and the wealth of pictures it contained.[1] It became apparent that Creepy-chan was not always or could not always be creepy, so her dual personality was born - Cute-chan. Cute-chan does not wear heavy eye makeup or wear pink dresses and stand on coffee tables; rather, she wears normal clothes and goes about her everyday business in a decidedly cute fashion.

Several /b/tards claim to know Creepy-chan personally, but this is most likely false. One early picture of Creepy-chan has surfaced, however, leading some to believe that she may have /b/tard friends she doesn't know about.

America's Next Top Model

Creepy-chan's ANTM photo shoot, episode 1

Creepy-chan was one of thirteen contestants on the most recent cycle of America's Next Top Model, which premiered on February 25th.[2] She placed second as runner-up to the winner, Teyona.

The artist was originally recruited by a casting agent who had discovered her online.[3] On the show, she was frequently noted for her large, distinctive eyes. She befriended fellow contestant Celia, who was eliminated before the finale episode.


Post ANTM Allison was signed with Nous Models Management in Los Angeles.[4]


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