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/k/ - Weapons, a 4chan imageboard.

/k/ is the weapons board of 4chan, its regulars are known as /k/ommandos. The board centers around weapons, armor, and other myriad military technology. While guns are the primary topic, threads involving any other sort of weapons, from swords and knives to tanks and jet fighters, come up frequently as well. There is some crossover between /g/, /o/ and /k/.

Accuracy of a sniper rifle, firepower an M16

Stock description for any new gun, real or fictional, posted on /k/. Usually used sarcastically. Derived from a quote by Richard Machowicz, host of the Discover Channel's Future Weapons, a show which /k/ has a low opinion of.


/k/'s term for airsoft guns (toy guns that fire little plastic pellets, mostly made in Japan where owning real guns is illegal), which are held in low regard by most /k/ regulars. Airsoft guns are usually made to look like real guns, or in some cases fictional movie guns, but the barrels are painted orange to prevent them from being mistaken for real guns. While they can easily be (and often are) repainted to black, /k/ommandos can usually still tell, and will respond to posts of "airshit" with saging and flames. For a time, "airsoft" was wordfiltered to "cowboys and indians", but this has since been eliminated.

Pictures of rare or otherwise difficult to obtain guns (especially full-auto weapons, civilian ownership of which tends to be heavily restricted) that the poster claims to own are often assumed to be airshit by skeptical /k/ommandos. Often there are demands made to open the chamber of the gun and take a picture to prove it fires real bullets rather than 6mm plastic pellets. An additional common procedure, to prove the pics weren't just grabbed from some other website, is write "Sup /k/" on a piece of paper and include it in the picture.

Bat Guano


Knowing the difference can save your life.

A common mistake made by newfags, almost guaranteed to produce a shitstorm, is to refer to a gun's magazine (the part where the rounds are contained prior to firing) as a clip (a device used for loading rounds into the magazine). While this incorrect use of the terminology is actually quite common even among gun enthusiasts, /k/ommandos tend to be infuriated by it, and thus referring to a magazine as a clip (or worse, a clip as a magazine) is a highly effective method of trolling /k/.



Deagle is short for Desert Eagle, the oversized Israeli semi-automatic pistol that, depending on configuration, fires high-powered revolver rounds such as the famous .357 and .44 Magnum or the .50 AE.

The Desert Eagle's general impracticality makes it a fairly expensive novelty weapon and rightfully rare, but its appearances in various movies, and the video game Counter-Strike, has generated a following among kids with no actual firearm experience, who dubbed it 'Deagle'. These factors have produced a backlash against the gun among /k/ommandos, and thus Desert Eagle threads are sometimes started for trolling purposes.

"Desert Eagle" and "Deagle" are a type of stock reply to questions about the identity of any gun, akin to /v/'s Battletoads and /a/'s Bible Black.

The Desert Eagle has also spawned a the 'I want to open carry a DEAGLE' copypasta that is used to troll /k/, or more recently to mock other attempts at trolling, especially if they're Deagle-related.


Every time I see...


A common frustration towards the annoying Tripfag who goes by the name STALKER. His name is taken from the video game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, (a very realistic game and one of the very few /k/-approved video games.) STALKER is a washout of Marine Corps basic training, who refers to himself as a marine, and reaches to speak with the authority of a DI. It's very frustrating to /k/ommandos who are in the military.


Meme generated from exaggerated claims that Glock pistols are prone to explosive malfunctions. The models firing rounds other than 9mm Parabellum are somewhat more prone to such malfunctions than many pistols, due to the partially unsupported chambers, but it can happen to any gun. Especially when overly powerful handloads (usually the result of accidentally doubling the gunpowder) are used, which is the cause of most Glock explosions. Some /k/ommandos however act as if pulling the trigger on a Glock is equivalent to pulling the pin on a grenade.

It's unclear how many of these posts are deliberate trolling and how many are from people who actually believe their claims, it's known that much of /k/ dislikes Glocks.

Guns are for pussies.

Hotaru Freak/Hotaru Guy/Hotaru Maniac

I don't know much about guns, but I've played every resident evil.

Another popular troll, exploiting /k/ommados' disdain for /v/ and for people ignorant of firearms trying to discuss the subject.

Katana Vacuum

The Japanese katana is held in low regard by many /k/ommandos, mainly because anime fanboys who know nothing about real weapons think it's the end-all and be-all of swords, and also because it's considered "weeaboo". Thus, any post of a katana is likely to result in sarcastic comments that swinging it will create a vacuum capable of slicing through heavy armor (tanks, battleships, whatever), referencing the outlandish stunts that anime swordsmen tend to pull off and specifically the ludicrous ultimate attack used by the main character of Rurouni Kenshin. It also references the moronic attacks some Imperial Japanese soldiers carried out using katanas during World War II, such as trying to cut tanks, believing that their "fighting spirit" would overcome more advanced technology (it didn't).


The Weeaboo Meatba in action

/k/'s term for the Mateba Model 6 Unica auto-revolver, produced by an anonymous typo. The Mateba is an unusual Italian pistol that is hybrid of a revolver and semi-automatic pistol (hence "auto-revolver"). Like the Desert Eagle, it's a fairly expensive novelty weapon, though not quite as impractical. Despite its Italian origin, the "Meatba" is seen by many /k/ommandos as Weeaboo; this is probably due to the fact that it is hardly ever mentioned unless a Ghost in the Shell fan wanders over from /a/ to ask what Togusa's gun is called. A fictional and heavily embellished version is carried also by Vash in Trigun.


Moist Nugget

While the Mosin-Nagant is quite popular on /k/, being a reliable, fairly powerful rifle available for under a hundred bucks, its popularity has generated a backlash among some /k/ommmandos who insist that their $400 Mauser or $1000 Remington 700 is so far superior. Originally a name used to bash the surplus rifle, this has now become its affectionate nickname.


With the recent demise of 4chan's /n/ - News board, many of its denizens have taken up posting their news stories on /k/. These stories are usually about China and are always saged and reported, but the /n/ewsfags are persistent and as a result there is always at least one /n/ews thread on page 1. If there is a cancer that is killing /k/, this is it.

One hit from this and it's all over.

Another sarcastic stock reply for weapons that /k/ isn't particularly impressed with. It is also derived from a quote by Richard Machowicz, host of the Discover Channel's Future Weapons, a show which /k/ has a low opinion of.


/k/ finally has it's own imageboard, named after the OPERATOR OPERATOR OPERATOR meme. Many /k/ommandos consider it to be /k/'s last bastion of hope against the /k/ancer. While others argue that it only split /k/ up. Some old tripfags (such as Meplat, Trail Snake and Gospel Man) that had once left 4chan/k/ now post there.



Strictly a /k/ meme, arose to encompass the "Clips/Magazines" argument. In a thread titles "Horror stories from your local gun shop" users told tales they had experianced. Tripfag Sempai's Pleasurous Nutrients posted the following story:

"Once I was at Knob Creek gun range browsing rifles. I see some redneck dude talking about firearms and stuff, proclaiming to the gods that the 1911 is the best pistol that will ever be made. He starts talking about how he hates when people call magazines clips, and that a clip is what you put into a 'Grand' rifle and it goes PING when you fire the last round. I interject to say 'Well theres lots of rifles that take clips, the nagant, mauser, k31. Clips were around long before the M1.' He replies 'No, clips go in a Grand. it goes PING!'"

The last line of the story has become the new counter argument to /k/ trolls frequent mis-use of clips. Instead of yelling "THAT'S NOT A CLIP IT'S A MAGAZINE!" /k/ommandos now state that "That's isn't a clip, clips go in a Grand and it goes PING!"

Rocket Propelled Chainsaw


A staple of "weapons you wish were real" threads, its name is pretty self-explanatory. It's a chainsaw propelled by a rocket. The idea is obviously based on the real-life rocket propelled grenade concept that 3rd-world armies, warlords, and terrorists love so much, and is depicted as a short, fat bazooka-style weapon.

Russian Tommy gun

Typical Russian Tommy gun

Derived from a thread in which the Soviet PPSh-41 submachine gun, which like the American Thompson SMG (aka "Tommy gun") can use a large-capacity drum magazine, was referred to as "Russian Tommy gun". As a result, any gun with a drum magazine, regardless of whether it's actually Russian, is often referred to by the same term. Whether the actual Thompson will be called a "Russian Tommy gun" remains to be seen, though it should be noted that during World War II some Tommy guns were sent to Russia.


Tripfag who has posted to /k/ since around 2004. Often gets in arguments with Zombie trolls and anti-Obama anonymous. Posted regularly until around 2006 when he was kicked out of college for possessing weapon replica's (airshit) and a demilled RPG 7, pictures of which still get posted occasionally. Sempai's Pleasurous Nutrients is one of the only tripfags left from the 'Golden Age' of /k/ when discussions typically where about firearms and trolls where at a minimum, an age which ended shortly before Meplat's departure. SPN was seen prominently during Israel's incursion into Gaza, defending the IDF. Gathered 19 zombie threads into an archive to help stem the tide of zombie threads; http://www.MegaShare.com/577334

slav shit

A probably forced meme posted in response to most anything of Russian/Soviet origin, and sometimes even to thoroughly non-Slavic weapons if they in some way resemble a Russian one (for example, the Finnish Suomi submachine gun, which was later ripped off by the Soviets to produce the PPSh). Despite its likely forced nature, the meme has managed to catch on and has even been adapted to bash weapons produced by other national and/or ethnic groups. This is typically done by substituting a slur for the group in question. For example, "kraut shit" or sometimes "deutschesheisse" is used for German weapons. This is probably the most common variant, used as a counter-troll against the fanboys of German weapons who are usually assumed to have originated the "slav shit" meme.


Yes there's really a gun underneath all that crap.

A phrase commonly used on 4chan's weapons board describing any weapon or weapon-related equipment that serves no real function except to make the user look "cool", such as excessively customized firearms fitted with many functionally useless attachments (often to the point that it's hard to see what the gun started out as). Tacticool modifications are derided by /k/ tripfags and anonymous alike. On May 16, 2007, one anonymous /k/ommando effectively summed up the tacticool phenomenon by saying "I can't even figure out what half that shit is supposed to do...."

The term has become somewhat overused, with some /k/ommandos applying it even to functional firearm accessories. However, there's a general consensus that even if all the accessories on a gun have some functional use, the gun can still be tacticool if the sheer number of attachments is excessive (ie the accessories combined weigh at least as much as the gun), or the accessories are redundant (or even interfere with each other). Likewise, functional accessories that are useless to the specific role of the gun in question (like a sniper scope on a short-range carbine or submachine gun) might also be seen as tacticool.

"Sporterizing" old surplus guns (replacing the old wood stock with a plastic one to make it look like a modern hunting rifle) is also held in low regard, though usually not called tacticool unless other unnecessary attachments are added.

the o/k/ corral

On February 17, 2008, /k/ was retitled (presumably temporarily) "the o/k/ corral", with the subtitle "a new sheriff is in town." This change heralded a very surprising development: moot himself taking a personal interest in /k/ and publicly banning many trolls, faggots, and innocent bystanders. He also displayed some knowledge of /k/ memes and weapons in general, possibly suggesting that he'd been lurking on the board before deciding the faggotry had gotten out of hand.

Trail Snake Survival Kit

A /k/ meme with some crossover from /m/, and an old one at that. It started when a tripfag called Trail Snake started compiling a list of weapons that would enable a /k/ommando to survive in almost any situation. It started out as a practical list of guns which proved useful in a variety of locales, but soon expanded into less likely occurrences such as zombie outbreaks, and with the inclusion of exotic /m/ weaponry such as a few of Ideon's guns, anyone equipped with one of Trail Snake's kit's can survive anything from a Zerg Rush to Ideon's universe reset. Even though Trail Snake has long since left /k/ and 4chan (citing a preponderance of trolls and incessant /b/ invasions as reasons for his departure) the Survival Kit is still referenced in /k/ occasionally.

The day /k/ died

The day /k/ died.

March 2nd, 2010. MOOT had recently appointed a new moderator to /k/. Something that /k/ had needed for a very long time. After the creation of /new/, /k/ became significantly more on topic. No more moderation was needed after /new/'s creation. After his rise to power, the new mod set out on banning any and all "off topic" posters. This included politics, airsoft, bot spam, blatant trolls, etc. Then things went haywire. The moderator started deleting on topic posts randomly and silently. And then... The great tripfag (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ BOOF ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) was banned for posting a very on topic and valuable thread. /k/ was over.

Zombie Threads

A typical zombie thread.

One of the less interesting types of threads that happen on a regular basis are zombie threads. These threads typically boil down to an entirely predictable argument between the /k/ommandos who have a plan in place for a zombie apocalypse, and the /k/ommandos who say that zombies are impossible. It should be noted that 7chan has an entire board dedicated to Zombies, but /k/ommandos either refuse to go there or remain ignorant to the fact. The /k/ Zombie Archive includes a screen cap of 7chan's zombie page, as well as a top-of-the-line copy of Zombie Tools. The archive can be found here.

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