DreamHost Outlook Express E-mail Setup

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Your Display name should be the name you want your emails to come from, usually just your name.

Your E-mail address should be the email address you want your emails to come from.

Decide if you'd like to connect to the mail servers via POP3 or IMAP[1]. Then enter your incoming and outgoing mail server names. They are both the same, simply mail.yourdomain.com.

Enter your Account name and password. This is your mailbox username, something in the format of m1425315, or your full email address (you@yourdomain.com). You can find your mailbox usernames at your Mail > Addresses area of the DreamHost web panel. If you don't know your mailbox password, you can set it to something new from there too.

MAKE SURE Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) IS NOT CHECKED.

When you're finished, you should be brought back to the main Account page. You're not quite done, you won't be able to send email through our SMTP servers unless you do this:

Highlight mail.yourdomain.com and click Properties.
Click the Servers tab.
Make sure My server requires authentication is checked!
Click OK!

We use authenticated SMTP (so that only our clients may send email through our servers and not spammers) so you won't be able to send email without doing this.

If you still get an error message when trying to send email, your ISP may block port 25. Try clicking on the Advanced tab and setting Outgoing mail (SMTP) to 587.


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