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Daisuke Ryokija
Name Daisuke Ryokija
Age 45 years old
Gender Male
Planet of Origin Mars
Species Human
Status Pilot of Wingschneider, test pilot for MEME Laboratories
Relations Mentor and friend to Kobayashi Ohta
Allegiance Federation of Allied Planets

Daisuke Ryokija is a dog of the military who wears a long coat in addition to the usual military uniform. Personality is less like Kamina and more like Roy Fokker+Roy Mustang, without the womanizing aspect. A famous ace pilot and hero whose skills really do match up to all the hype. Has a wife and two children.

Born on Mars, raised among the Red Desert that covered the planet, and went off to military academy when he was old enough. Essentially a Luke Skywalker who managed to foil the plot of a massive corporation to overthrow the government and establish a rival state around Pluto, the main hyperspace catchment of the Solar System, while still a military cadet. Basically found an instruction manual for a CF-06 Custom equipped with Heat Edge weaponry while escaping imprisonment by the evil corporation with the daughter of the FAP president at the time. He defeated an entire army of grunts before facing the CEO who was in a similar machine, armed with beam weaponry and beating him. He was decorated for his actions and sent off to the Mobile Entity, Mass Energy Labs (MEME Labs), FAP's official research organization that is the rival of CUM's R&D department. There, he became a test pilot for all sorts of experimental mecha, field-testing them in battle and earning more accolades. Eventually, MEME Labs designed a system that was able to handle the strain of Gar Crystals, Wingschneider and Daisuke was sent to Evaikari to test it out at a secret FAP base. The invasion of the Lions put a crimp in their plans, and the FAP forces had to retreat and regroup.

The MEME Labs ship picks up Ohta as he escapes, and together, they fight their way back to FAP territory. Ryokija fulfills the Kamina-esque role, with elements of Roy Fokker from Macross or Norris from 08th MS Team.

Gets killed during the mission to free Evaikari by D in the RAEP Pyramid Head, another experimental unit.