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The leader of the Lion forces is Emperor Kijani. The following bounty ad for him was posted on m:

  • Supreme Emperor of the Lions. No one knows when he came into power, but he has ruled his empire with an iron fist. Under his leadership, the Lions have grown from a single tribe on a distant planet to one of the most feared military forces in the universe. A beast of a man, with a cool demeanor that belies a furious temper, he has showcased high-level martial arts, piloting and gunnery skills. His people are fiercely loyal and have become warlike themselves under his influence.
  • He is responsible for the subjugation of 5,493 separate worlds across 1,342 star systems. He has added technology, manpower and resources from all of these worlds into his empire. Has been rumored to defeat a CF-06 with his bare hands. Has been rumored to fracture a moon with a single blow. Confirmed to have single-handedly decimated the Rulian Defense Force.
  • Wanted DEAD or ALIVE. Considered armed, protected and EXTREMELY dangerous. Approach with EXTREME caution.
  • Bounty: Alive – $100,000,000,000 Dead - $110,000,000,000
  • Goals: To gather all the Gar Crystals and use their combined energy to...?