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Kobayashi Ohta
Name Kobayashi Ohta
Age 21 years
Gender Male
Planet of Origin Evaikari
Species Human
Status Miner; Pilot of ENIS
Relations Rival of Noland Abrams, Love interest of Ada Zul
Allegiance Project ENIS; Federation of Allied Planets

Ohta is mining. Suddenly, a huge quake hits that causes a cave in. He heads through the mines and finds that the quake was caused by the crash-landed ENIS, taken down in a battle between the pilot, Professor Yuan Nomos, and Noland Abrams. The professor, who thought he was going to die alone, begins laughing even as he bleeds, because here's someone who he can make into a pilot. He talks Ohta into the machine and sets the coordinates so it heads to Project ENIS, his final act and as a way of saying "FUCK YOU" to the lions in passing.

As Ohta and ENIS head for Project ENIS HQ, they're intercepted by Noland. The two fight, but Ohta is able to scrape out a win. This allows Ohta to escape, exhausted, and is also the start of Noland's obsession with defeating ENIS.