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Name M
Age 34 years old
Gender Male
Planet of Origin Mane
Species Lion
Status Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Lion Empire, creater of Ada Zul
Relations Sometimes lover of Dr. Dame Olga
Allegiance Lion Empire

Professor M is a Lion Empire scientist specializing in cybernetics and android technologies, and is cybernetically enhanced himself. He is Ada Zul's father, and was the one who designed the Unicorn System in conjunction with Dr. Dame Olga, his mostly-rival (and sometimes lover). Also designs other android/super-robot/cybernetic soldiers that will face ENIS and the gang, like Predamax. While Dame Olga became an outcast, he has been embraced by the military establishment because of the reliability and stability of his units and designs; though they lack the power levels of Olga's biological weapons, they are easily controlled. Eventually killed in the course of the story.

He has built advanced, personable AI before, notably providing the programming base for Norma. AI are not common within the Lion Empire, being mostly built by tinkerers and inventors and genius programmers, rather than government organizations like in FAP. Thus, they tend to be more human-like and have as many abilities as their programmers allowed them to have. Ada is the most advanced AI in the Lion Empire, with a true personality and sense of self.

When Ada turns against the Lion Empire due to her love for Ohta, M is the one who hunts her down and tries to kill her, forcing her and Ohta to fight and defeat him.