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Sven Vladi
Name Sven Vladi
Age 33 years old
Gender Male
Species Humanoid Vampire
Status Pilot of Behemoth
Allegiance Alien sub faction which is a part of the Lion Empire, WILL eventually join Lion Empire later in the series, preferably when Ada defects to ENIS.

Sven Vladi belongs to an alien race (unnamed for now) that detains many aspects of a human with the exception of sharper nails, teeth, and having a more refined and civilized personality. He is the test pilot for the Experimental Prototype Behemoth which eventually becomes the completed unit and assigned to him. With a horrifying reputation on the battlefield, Sven and the Behemoth are quickly sent to the front lines when their sub-faction joins the Lion Empire.Due to Sven's natural calm and collected mindset, he can handle and operate the VAGOs System with ease.

(Will not touch any further until projectENIS's storyline is determined.)