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Centauran Confederacy
Capital Independence, New America, Alpha Centauri Prime
Population 20,367,945,388
Largest City Regal Charleston, Free Marches, Asimov
Government Constitutional Republic
Currency Dollar (Centauran)
Languages English

The Centauran Confederacy is one of the members of the Federation's C4 group, the Centauran Confederacy is an old country with a lot of bones to pick. It is also somewhat unique in its structure; rather than controlling a single mass of territory, it has thousands of small enclaves across Federation space. It's capital is the city of Independence, on the ice-world of New America in the Alpha Centauri star system.

Commonly regarded as the second-most powerful FAP member state and a member of the Core 4, the Centauran Confederacy was the first extrasolar nation to be founded by mankind. The Confederacy is a constitutional republic based upon the ancient United States of America, with a bicameral legislature and three branches of government. However, its cultural make-up is extremely varied due to the sheer variety of the Confederacy's members.

The Confederacy's territory is not unified, but scattered across the breadth of human space in many small enclaves. Numerous independent systems and small stellar nations have joined the Confederacy throughout history, often when a close neighbor was conquered by one of the other Core 4 nations. As a result, the Confederacy's officers can be found almost anywhere in human space, and their powerful spacy is probably the second-most traveled in the known galaxy, after the Federation's.

While this does have the effect of weakening the Confederacy's overt military might due to its scattering across many far away star systems, it makes up for this by having one of the strongest intelligence and espionage organizations in human space.


In -109 FC, colonists landed on a barely habitable planet orbiting the binary star Alpha Centauri. In a hundred years, it grew from a small, radiation-bathed settlement into the largest extrasolar trading port in human space, fueled by the development of the transdimensional drive and Alpha Centauri's unique transdimensional signature.

When the United Planets of Sol was founded

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