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ENIS:Factions/Charon Independency

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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}}Charon Independency is an independent country located in the Sol system. It was established after the importance of Pluto and Charon as a hyperspace jump-point and system-wide communication point was discovered. Initially settled by colonists of the United Planets of Sol, it earned its independence during the Far Rebelions two hundred and fifty-four years ago.

Settled by eight separate nations in an attempt to secure Sol's primary jump-point and interstellar communication center, Charon was the subject of intense fighting before the UPS stepped in and took over the fractured colony. Securing its primary jump-point and communications point allowed the UPS to begin vigorous colonization of nearby stars. In a few years, it became the primary trading post between the UPS and the outer colonies, and eventually the other interstellar nations.

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