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Charon Independency
Charon Independency.png
Capital Christy, Charon
Population 2,002,139
Largest City Christy
Government Libertarian Municipalism
Currency Pluton
Languages None (English)

Charon Independency is an independent country located in the Sol system. It was established after the importance of Pluto and Charon as a hyperspace jump-point and system-wide communication point was discovered. Initially settled by colonists of the United Planets of Sol, it earned its independence during the Far Rebelions two hundred and fifty-four years ago.

Settled by eight separate nations in an attempt to secure Sol's primary jump-point and interstellar communication center, Charon was the subject of intense fighting before the UPS stepped in and took over the fractured colony. Securing its primary jump-point and communications point allowed the UPS to begin vigorous colonization of nearby stars. In a few years, it became the primary trading post between the UPS and the outer colonies, and eventually the other interstellar nations.

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