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Duchy of Cyracuse
Capital Cyracuse, Duchy of Cyracuse, Orleans
Population 8,269,000,000
Largest City Cyracuse, Duchy of Cyracuse, Orleans
Government Duchy
Currency Tour (Cyracuse)
Languages English, French, Italian

The Duchy of Cyracuse was recently reestablished following the Revolutionary War of 212 FC. The Duchy of Cyracuse is a dawning interstellar power whose control of critical interstellar chokepoints and strong support by the Federation Spacy has earned it the envy and ire of more than a few nations, most prominently the Gilesian Republic. Still rebuilding after centuries of oppression by the Republic, Cyracuse has experienced an economic boom from the reconstruction of its planets and the construction of Spacy facilities throughout the Duchy's stellar territories.

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