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Jovian Energy Fleet
Jovian Energy Fleet.png
Capital JFS Copernicus , Energy Fleet Alpha, Jupiter
Population 5,132,735,693
Largest City Galileo Station, Borealis
Government Corporatocracy
Currency Juno

The Jovian Energy Fleet is a unique existence within the Federation of Allied Planets. Rather than holding territory on terrestrial planets, it lays claim to more than four thousand gas giant planets within human space, surrounding them with hundreds of orbiting space stations and satellites and placing aerial stations within the giants' atmospheres. The citizens of the Jovian Energy Fleet live entirely within these stations and the Jupiter Fleet's tens of thousands of spaceships. The largest single deuterium provider in the Federation, their strategic importance to humanity as a whole ensures their independence from the rest of the Federation nations.

At the dawn of the 22nd Century, the Frontier Development Corporation built the first orbital elevator on Earth. In 2188, the first orbital elevator was erected on Jupiter to allow for the construction of large gas-mining stations within that planet's atmosphere, under the auspices of Energon Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Frontier. With the dawn of interstellar travel, Frontier expanded Energon's operations from the Solar System to almost every star claimed by man. Not all these operations were successful, and several were lost during the Corporate Wars. At the end of that conflict, Energon Inc divorced itself from Frontier and declared the formation of the Jovian Energy Fleets, an independent corporate nation that controlled the vital supplies of deuterium that powered mankind's fledgling interstellar empire.

The United Planets of Sol initially sought to incorporate Jupiter and Saturn into its dominion, but were rebuffed by the Fleet's executives. During the First Interstellar War, the Fleet maintained a strict neutrality policy, and continued to supply both the United Planets of Sol and their opponents, the Centauran Confederacy. The policies set by both these precendents have been religiously adhered to by successive generations of JEF executives, and the Energy Fleet's reach has grown deep and long thanks to them. Even nations ruled by dictatorships and tyrannies must tolerate the independence of the Energy Fleets lest they lose the critical supplies of cheap deuterium that allow them to survive.

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