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Project ENIS is a small, covert group founded by Professor Nomos in order to fight the Lion Empire.

After his escape from the Lion Empire, He landed on the relevant planet and began his attempts to prepare for the Lions' inevitable arrival. He founded Project ENIS, which was kept small; both due to a need for secrecy and its independance from other interests. The group likely consists of no more than the Professor and a handful of technicians/assistants. ENIS was designed and constructed by him with the assistance of the Project ENIS staff, although he was still quite secretive and they hold only a basic functional knowledge of the robot's operation.

Project ENIS is not affiliated with the FAP at the beginning of the story, although they will likely form an official alliance at the end. After Nomos' death and Ohta becoming the pilot of ENIS, he ends up drafted into the organization, and pilots ENIS to fight the Lions.

Support Crew

Members of MEME Labs who rescue Ohta as they flee from the Lion Empire invasion of Evaikari in an experimental space cruiser, White Knight. They serve, not only as a "cheering setion," but also as skilled mechanics and temporary replacement pilots if necessary. White Knight is not occupied by just ENIS; various MEME projects are also on the ship along with a mini-factory for supplying the ship with supplies in an emergency, but limited and consuming large amounts of fuel. They are initially considered deserters, but later get accepted back into FAP, as a special autonomous unit that allows ENIS to act independently of the military organization.

Goh Danjou 
The Professor. A large, jolly man, and the main mechanic for Project Enis' mechs. A fan of Real Robot design.
Goh Michiru 
His dutiful wife. always has a cooked meal ready for Ohta when he gets back from a dangerous mission. AI programmer, who also designs drones of all kinds. Responsible for taking care of the White Knight AI, Melissa.
Hamakiri Ryuga 
Junior Scientist. A mech-o-phile. He thinks that Giant Robots are the Be-all end-all of cool. If any of these characters would become combative, it would be this one. Pilots a MEME Labs custom Real Robot, but not very well.
Goh Takoru 
Son and prodigy. Idolizes Ohta and works on various ways to improve ENIS' combat ability.
Agrissa Maebbert 
Junior Scientist and pilot of White Knight. Has the hots for Ohta and is very foreward, and gets teased by the others for it. Ohta, of course, ends up with Ada, so this is merely a comedic part. Has a cool side to her as a bad-ass pilot.
White Knight's AI. A low-level AI, responsible for operating the weapon systems of White Knight and checking on the ship's diagnostics. Also responsible for hypserspace travel calculations and assists in sub-light maneuvers. Has a basic personality, but cannot provide answers to questions outside of her programming or hold long conversations. Completely inferior in comparison to Ada.



  • A-NL: The third in a trifecta of mechs that started it all.
  • ENIS: The mech that started it all.
  • TUL-BAWCS: The fourth and final mecha that started it all.
  • VA-INA: The other mech that started it all.


  • Calypso: Second base ship for Project Enis after White Knight's end.
  • White Knight: Main base ship for Project Enis.

Support units

  • Yuki Unit: Robots that assist in maintaining the mecha and ships.