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The Mannhaim Group
Capital Gusentineberg, Shwarzland Republic
Population 57,344,000,000
Largest City Emerald Sea, Mount Uhl, Engrobian
Government Constitutional Democracy

The Mannheim Group is a political faction within the Federation of Allied Planets. The Mannheim Group was founded by the residents of the so-called "Expansion Region" to maintain their cultural and political independence from the Federation of Allied Planets' "Core Four" group.

Following the invasion of the Lion Empire in February, 221, most of the members of the Mannheim Group are conquered by the Lion Empire.

Notable Members


Valkyrie, a frozen mining world on the edge of human space. Sharing its name with the bright white star which it orbits, Valkyrie is a wild and dangerous frontier world, yet incredibly wealthy and important enough to require a permanent posting of the Federation Spacy. Its people live in a smattering of massive cities in giant ice caves and thousands upon thousands of small nomad camps, their lives devoted to the massive mines which keep Valkyrie alive.

Mining on Valkyrie: Mining on Valkyrie is a complex process, that involves large mining rigs who pursue deposits of explodium and other rare ores beneath the surface of the planet. Large and shaped like serpents, they chew through the frozen rock and ice of Valkyrie with large rotary drills on their bows, and scale engines along their surfaces. In the core of the machine, a large crew of miners and processors maintain the complex processing equipment within the machine.

However, to process the volatile explodium ore, the miners must exit the rig in black, hard-shelled suits to protect them from accidents and cave-ins. These suits are somewhat bulky, made from a thick insulating layer and rigid armor plates. To mine explodium there are three key components: density readers to find the extent of the ore, subsonic drills to remove the rock and ice around the ore, and thermal drills to cut the explodium into transportable pieces.

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