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United Planets of Sol
United Planets of Sol.jpg
Capital New York, United States of America, Earth
Population 31,488,600,000
Largest City New Delhi, India, Earth and Guanghzhou, China, Earth
Government Constitutional Republic
Currency Solar
Languages English

United Planets of Sol is the leading government in the Free Alliance of Planets, and considered the Prime Member of the "Core Four (C-4)" group, the four most powerful FAP member states. The United Planets of Sol was a founding member of FAP and remains a bastion of the values FAP was founded on; freedom, liberty, and unity between all mankind. It remains the heart of humanity, with the largest population out of all FAP member states and control of humanity's homeworld, Earth.

Despite their name, the United Planets' dominion is not restricted to the Solar System. It claims planets and star systems many light-years away, though unlike the Centauran Confederacy, these systems are not scattered across the breadth of human space but centered around the Solar System. Though small independent nations might exist within it's "borders," i.e. the Centauran Confederacy, all Earth-like worlds within 1000 light-years of the Solar System are controlled by the United Planets.


The foundation of the United Planets of Sol is basis for the current Federal Calender system, recorded as taking place in 1 FC. For thirty years, the United Planets found themselves unchallenged on the galactic stage, their powerful economic and industrial base supplemented with the most advanced warfleet in human space. It weathered rebellions and terrorist attacks, religious and civil wars and crippling corporate wars to become a bastion of democracy and freedom.

The United Planets was faced with its first challenge when it attempted to annex the Alpha Centauri and Proxima Centauri star systems from the Centauran Confederacy. In response, the Confederacy unleashed a well-coordinated counter-plan that leveraged its strong intelligence and special forces assets. By sabotaging UPS ships, blackmailing UPS politicians, manipulating UPS public perception and revealing the true engineers behind the plot to annex the Centauran Confederacy, the Centaurans established the first major extra-solar power.

In the wake of its humiliating defeat and the creation of a new rival in the First Interstellar War, the United Planets turned away from outright annexation and become far more subtle in its interstellar politics. This stance served it well as hundreds of new interstellar powers began to appear and wage war on one another. Both the UPS and the Confederacy grew during this time, but the powerful Gilesian Republic and North Star Alliance were the biggest winners of this chaotic time, and they would form a new counter-weight to the UPS and Centauran Confederacy, driving the former rivals closer together.

In 73 FC, war erupted between the Gilesian Republic and the Centauran Confederacy. Soon, the Coalition of North Star and the United Planets of Sol were drawn into the conflict, along with numerous smaller interstellar nations. The United Planets found itself fighting alongside its old enemy, and together they forced a peace on the Gilesians and North Star. In 95 FC, the four powers formed the Federation of Allied Planets.

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