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Perhaps this could be CF's replacment later on in the storyline.

Possibly Lion Empire high rank

Rough design of the GARgoyle Real-type Custom Assault Mech

Concept of a close combat type super mecha. Its Melee capabilities have been enhanced by a weapons system that generates immense heat around any part of its body.

Mk.II with bigger arms and propulsion.

Vulcan piledriver + knuckle spikes

Higenojigiri concept.jpg
Concept for a design change to Enis and expand its library for attacks. It's been bothering me that the mustache has had only aesthetic use. So I propose that it could turn into a sword ala Voltes 5 (Hige no Jigiri!), be used to shoot a Breast Fire style beam, or as a Hige Boomerang. Under the stache a face is revealed.

Concept for a Yuusha Class Robot to pad up the Super Robots. Predamax has currently three weapons as far as I can think up of them, a Sword formed from the plane wings, a Flame Thrower in the T-Rex head, and a blaster on the Armored Carrier Arm.


Predamax Mark IIC.jpg

Concept of a prototype real robot for FAP. Specializes in fast, pinpoint attacks. Named WingSchneider.

A real type, but with a focus on strong armor and melee attacks.

FAP prototype anti-ship mech AS-01 "Fackel".

One of a kind heavily modified Custom Close Combat Variant of the CF-06. Think a CF-06 version of Soulgain (could even be Super Robot level power.) The legs and skirt armor are basically the same as the normal CF-06. Probably closer to the Gespenst MKII Type-S (complete with a Gespenst Kick.)

FAP logo/patch

RaePOST. for lion side Anti ENIS weapon. EPIC system developed to counter the drills. generating a huge gravity/magnetic field from each of its huge claws, it can grapple with ENIS's Drills, even stopping them from revolving. The field also deflects missile and energy base weapons.
RaePOST for FAP side or Project ENIS side. Anti Monster weapon. the EPIC Claws generate huge massive energies to rip and tear apart monsters, FAP developed RaePOST as a support for ENIS. RaePOST is able to hold down, grapple lock monsters allowing ENIS to give the finishing blow.

Alien client/slave race.


A demo with Yuan and NORMA

Lol chainsaws.jpg
"G.T.F.O."- Great Thing Fighting Offender

A random pilot or character

Lion empire super/hybrid robot "Inquisitor". Its equipped with an experimental energy field generator which is designed to function as the robots propulsion, defence and ranged weapon. For propulsion it generates anti-gravity like effect, for defence a spherical beam shield around the robot and for ranged attack it discharges energy off from the field as beams.

Alternate version of the "MG-C4RB04RD, AKA, Phil" redrawn.

Well, if the lions can mass-produce ENIS.... then would they make their own version/copy of the original ENIS?

Redrawn version appears, now with added feature! Forearms function as flight boosters à la Big Duo when forearm drills are withdrawn.

THE RUST BRUSTERS Kick ass, salavage parts, ??????, PROFIT, repeat. Desert Junkyard Bandits.
In a nutshell, Military geniuses, framed by jealous subordinates and betrayed by society, forced to escape jail and become desert junkyard bandits. Lion Empire shows up, the Rust Brusters kick ass, but eventually fall. Lion Empire is impressed and offers riches if they can retrieve the ENIS and turn their back on Human society. They agree because they're pissed at earth also.
Insert elite group of 4 that unexpectly shows up at the end of a victory condition just to piss you off and make you wish you didn't use all your SP already. (Note the sprites were made by mixing NCH's cannon fodder sprites; in "junkyard bandit fashion" [lol photoshop])

OTHA Hero.jpg
Since there isn't any art of the main character, here's a concept with some expressions of gar and silliness.

Atmospheric reentry mode
Lion Empire shock trooper mech. Weak, but easy to mass-produce with very little resources and cost. Piloted by slaves conscripted from primitive civilizations subjugated by the lions and other “expendable” people. Footmen are used frequently in very questionable tactics.
Footman’s all aspects are very poor. Its armor can be easily shred to pieces even with the weakest weapons, it has no fixed armaments, and its standard weapons are a small beam pistol and a beam dagger that don’t really do very spectacular damage. However, footman has some features that are quite useful despite its weakness, such as flight capability and the ability to perform an atmospheric reentry without the help on any kind of equipment (see picture above), so it can be deployed to planets without transports. Their pilots don’t receive any kind of training save for very rough basic instructions. The rest they have to learn by them self. How the footmen units are treated depends who’s in charge of them, but generally they are treated like trash, used in completely inhuman tactics where they are mercilessly sacrificed as ammo wasters, living shields, minesweepers and so on.
The footman acts in a way as a test for the pilots from primitive races to prove their worth. If the pilot manages to survive several battles, the pilot will be promoted from a slave to a fully fledged soldier and receive better training and mech.
Footmen are also used in utility purposes, ranging from cargo moving to maintenance.
As a side note, footmen’s cockpits are fitted with a hibernation device which when active, turns the cockpit in to a cryogenic chamber. This is because the lions want to save rations and space for more competent soldiers during transportation and generally, they don’t like the idea for primitive people wandering in their ships.

Concept of a lion empire general purpose mech, sort of equal to CF-06.
SW-Mk.4 (Standard Warrior Mk.4) ”Warrior”
Lion empires mass-produced front line combat unit, it is the standard mech of lion troops. Warrior ranks as second lowest mech in the lion’s mech hierarchy (Footman being the lowest). The warrior is widely used in all areas from combat to reconnaissance. In performance, the warrior is inferior to the GR3Y but little stronger than F.A.P’s CF-06 and most certainly superior than footman. The warrior is equipped with two point-defense beam cannons (same as godhand’s, only weaker. Mounted in shoulders) and two extensions slots in the ribs that by default are mounted with smoke screen dischargers. Standard issue hand armament is a “buster axe”, short barreled beam rifle mounted with an axe like bayonet.

X-SR-001/002, F.A.P super robot. Basic equipments are two energy manipulators mounted in arms that launch powerful pressure waves that crush anything in short distance from the hand, two weapon pods mounted in shoulders, six small missile pods in back fin, eye beams and a energy weapon mounted in chest. Capable of flight and hovering along the ground.


F.A.P aerial mech, no name

D (Duplicate)
Concept of a insane lion pilot who always comes back from the dead through a cloning like process (retains his memories through a transmitter in the brain) and every time with a different mech to fight Ohta and everybody else related to project enis.

Other incarnations

Random character designs

Kijani's design

Kijani's robot/capital ship Crush Engine

Design idea for Tul-BAWX