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Code Blue
Species Code Blue
Biology Unique space-borne lifeform, carbon-based
Homeworld The Great Ruins (R-35 Stellar Remnant)
Population Unknown

At the far edge of the galaxy, lies a wonder of galactic proportions. A giant flower blooms in the heavens, a cluster of nebula surrounding a super-massive black hole. This wonder stretches across truly immense distances, and is visible from the nearly every part of the Lion Empire. Known as the Great Ruins, it is a land of great beauty. And great danger. The Great Ruins are home to massive creatures, monsters that wander the nebula and nearby stars, capable of destroying entire fleets with a single breath. Unique in shape and form from the rest of their brethren, one would think that the Great Ruins was populated by a mass of unique, monstrous creatures. But from studies of leavings and remnants, it has been determined that these creatures all share a common genetic code, classified as Code Blue. They are all one species, completely alien in a way that has never been seen before.

All but one attemt at communicating with the Code Blue have met with failure. All attempts at destroying a representative of Code Blue have met with failure. Occasionally, fragments of transmissions have been detected between representatives of Code Blue, but all they come out to is gibberish, no matter the language. More than that, analysis of tiny parts and leavings of Code Blue organisms have shown that they are made up of elements never even seen in this galaxy. This raises the hypothesis that the Great Ruins is the remnant of a galactic core, and that Code Blue are the survivors of some extra-galactic species. While the first half of this species is commonly accepted, it is also possible that Code Blue are natives to this galaxy, having evolved amidst the Ruins after their joining with our galaxy. Whatever the case, they are mysterious, beautiful, and dangerous creatures.

All known communication with the creatures has been through digital transmissions by the Code Blue; it has been rendered into mostly untranslatable gibberish. How Kijani communicated with them is unknown.

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