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Horr (Grays)
Species Horr (Grays)
Biology Aquatic humanoid
Homeworld SshaSshuurhun (Sashay)
Country Horrian Alliance
Population <800,000
Government Direct Democracy
Super Robot / Monster Im.C.M.L

A moderately-advanced alien race that humans know well. For centuries, the Horr have preyed upon humans and other less advanced species as pirates, scientists, and pranksters. They took resources, kidnapped and studied members of lesser species, and sometimes played pranks like giving prey an anal probing or telling them ways to achieve unlimited space travel while patently forgetting one crucial ingredient. Their reasons for doing so are varied and many, but the two most important reasons are that SshaSshuu is a world almost covered by ocean and very poor in resources, and that the Horr are desperate for a solution to their population problem. For more than one hundred years, the species has not been able to grow beyond 800,000 individuals. The Horr had hoped to find a solution to their problem through the study of alien species, but they have not found the answer.

In millenia past, Sashay was an ice-covered water world. In the depths of the ocean, warmed by geothermal vents created by the tug of Sashay's many moons, life flourished. From microbial zooplankton to giant crustaceans, the depths of Sashay were teeming with life. Among these life-forms was a type of herbivorous eel, that sutvived on a steady diet of zooplankton and microbial algae. It was a dying species, slowly being hunted to extinction by the massive crabs that roamed the ocean depths. Without any natural weapons, and confined to a small patch of geothermal vents growing along a deep-sea trench, they were in danger of becoming extinct.

That changed whenone of Sashay's moons, small dwarf planet captured thousands of years ago, finally lost its long battle with gravity and fell into the icy world. The massive impact melted the world's ice and sent Sashay spiralling towards the system's sun. Numerous small moons orbiting the planet either fell away or smashed together. The rain of meteors upon the planet devastated the undersea landscape even more, causing volcanic eruptions and earthquakes across the planet. Within a hundred years, Sashay was back in a stable orbit, closer to its star and surrounded by a ring of crushed moons.

During the hundred years of chaos, thousands of species died out, but the eels had survived. Caught on the edge of the first impact, their underwater sanctuary was thrown onto a rising mountain of rubble. Brought close to the surface


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