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Species Honneamise
Biology Genetically-engineered humanoid
Homeworld Lhadatt
Country United Republics of New Honnea
Population 1.33 billion
Government Constitutional Monarchy

The people of Honnea originated near the Galactic Core, but the expansion of their home sun drove them into a space-faring existence wandering the stars. Roaming the galaxy for a thousand years, they suffered a gradual population decline along with several violent encounters with minor stellar races before being found by a Lion reconnaissance fleet. With their population precariously low and their resources dwindling, they submitted to te rule of the Lion Empire in exchange for a new homeworld.

Honneamise means "Person of Honnea," a reference to their original home planet of Honnea. Driven from the planet by an ecological disaster brought on by the fall of their moon, they roamed the galaxy for centuries before the Lion Empire took them in and gave them a new planet, Lhadatt. They gratefully serve the Lion Empire when they are called upon, and are some of the Empire's best warriors, though they are more mercenary than this statement makes them appear.

A moderately advanced species, they engineered themselves to life in a low-gravity, three-dimensional environment where the gradual loss of atmosphere was normal. A heightened sense of balance and spacial perception thanks to an evolving inner ear contributes to their high-level of skill as mecha pilots and space combatants. Large capacity, highly efficient lungs enable them to survive in thin atmospheres without mechanical aid.

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