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This page will collect all of the stories for the Project E.N.I.S. world. The outlines can be added to this page and episodes/chapters on subpages.

Project E.N.I.S. universe background

In the Beginning

Billions of years ago, the first Void-Rulers mastered the science of space flight. They found themselves alone in a bright and brilliant universe of fiery young stars and brilliant nebulae.

The Lion Empire

There have been three Lion Empires to date. The first collapsed amidst infighting and civil war after the death of Hyrius the Indomitable, after 100 years of existence. The collapse of this Golden Age held back Lion development for centuries.

The second to rise was much longer-lived, and waged war against the Chanony Free Alliance three million years ago in a galaxy-spanning war that resulted in Chanony's victory and the total regression of the Lion Empire to a pre-Stone Age civilization.

The third Lion Empire is significantly different from the previous two, where conquered alien races are not taken as slaves but as vassals or equals.

The Federation of Allied Planets

The first man-made object to orbit the Earth was launched in 1957. Sputnik 1 touched off the first space race. In 1969, mankind landed on the moon and took its first steps on an alien world. By 2088, the first lunar settlements were being built and the exploration of Mars was underway.

In 21XX, following the discovery of Trans-Dimensional Pressure Effects, humanity left it's star system for the first time.

The founding of the United Planets of Sol was recorded as 1 Future Calendar (FC), the dawn of a new golden age. For thirty years, mankind expanded into the stars, building new homes on strange, alien worlds. In this time, before the development of faster-than-light communication, solar systems governed themselves and maintained a harsh freedom and independence from other systems. If one colony ran into trouble, such as pirate raiders or a famine, it was unable to call for help. Interstellar starships were expensive to build, and the costs of developing spatial weaponry was too high for a fledgling colony.

With the development of the Minerva FTL communication system in 30 FC ...

Lion-Federation War

On June 3rd, 215 FC, the 219th Long-Range Exploration Fleet made first contact with the Lion Empire. In the space of twenty hours, the outdated warships of the Exploration Fleet were destroyed or disabled, and the fleet's civilian vessels surrendered.

Project E.N.I.S. series outline

In 221 FC, the human race makes first contact with extraterrestrial life. The Lion Empire begins its conquest of humanity's small interstellar empire with the frontier planet of Valkyrie. Despite a spirited defense and the belated assistance of the Federation of Allied Planets, a large alliance of human nations, the defenders are overwhelmed.

As he flees the planet, Kobayashi Ohta swears vengeance against the Lion Empire. Ohta posesses the legendary ENIS, developed by his friend and mentor Professor Nomos, who had chosen Valkyrie as his refuge after the conquest of his own people by the Lion Empire. Mortally wounded in the opening stages of the battle for Valkyrie, Nomos passed ENIS onto Ohta, who had helped the professor complete it.

With the help of the crew of an experimental Federation warship, Ohta escapes the conquest of his home, only to find himself on the wrong side of the galaxy, deep within the territory of the Lion Empire. Now he must fight his way home to human space, evading capture and aiding the empire's conquered peoples.

Episode 1: A Summer Storm


16-year old Kobayashi Ohta is just starting his first job in the mines of Valkyrie when a massive earthquake hits. He gets separated from his mining crew and stumbles into a fissure. Surviving the fall, he sees the massive, incomplete form of ENIS. Professor Nomos steps out and helps him.

The mining should sound epic enough that people want a series that just focuses on the miners. Somehow.

Act 1

Two years later, Ohta is helping dig out a new mineshaft in a giant mining rig. Shift ends.

Ohta goes off to find the Professor, who's become something of a celebrity in the mines. His alien origins are mostly a secret, but the people of the mining village know because they were there when he first appeared. Nomos has been working with MEME Labs to develop super robots and gain access to their resources. Professor Nomos has just about completed ENIS, all he needs is to power it up and program its user settings.

At the same time, a Lion fleet breaks out of deepspace near Valkyrie. This surprises the humans, because they lack the technological know-how to pinpoint gravity catchments within solar systems so accurately. Sounding the alarm, they assemble their defense forces in orbit around Cloud 3, an orbital elevator terminus.

Act 2

The Lions know that ENIS is on the planet, and devise a strategy to distract the humans while inserting a team containing Im.CML and Noland, along with elite pilots, onto the planet. Meanwhile, Ohta and his mining crew are assigned to search and rescue operations in the city and Nomos activates ENIS. The Lions blast through the defending humans and decide to capitalize on their advantage by attacking the planet directly instead of maintaining orbit.

At this point, ENIS appears and destroys a Lion cruiser. Noland and Im.CML reveal themselves and engage ENIS as Ohta watches from afar. Noland attacks and fights quite well, knocking Nomos unconscious and causing ENIS to stop functioning. Ohta is forced to connect into the pilot interface, but this takes a while to synchronize. Meanwhile, Noland directs the Gray Super, Im.CML, to retrieve ENIS. Ohta takes control and in a hard-fought battle, defeats the Super. Thus ends the first episode.

Episodes and chapters

A Chronicle of the Lion War series outline

A companion story to Project ENIS.

Following the conquest of the so-called Mannheim Group in July 221, the powerful Federation Spacy was fully mobilized to meet the extraterrestrial threat. The 13th Fleet was directly in the path of the Lion's invasion force, and was given orders to hold the line against the alien invaders.

In that fleet, recently graduated from the Federation Naval Academy on Cyracuse, is young Ensign Akito Lee. He is attached to a hastily reinforced fleet group and sent into the frontlines of the war against the Lions, where he quickly proves himself a skilled tactician and shipmaster following the deaths of all superior officers within his scout squadron and his assumption of command.

What follows is a story of epic battles and the vagaries of war, as well as budding hopes for peace and dark betrayals on both sides. We will see the Federation shattered by military might and covert espionage, while fighting back so fiercely and bravely that all but the most fool-hardy of the Lions are given pause. We will get a deeper understanding of the motivations of the Lion's member races, a deeper look at how the Federation works and operates, and see some of the effects that ENIS has on the course of the Lion War.

This story is supposed to be a little more serious, but still just as fun, as Project ENIS. Also, there will be a larger core cast of characters, a bit more romance, a lot more intrigue and some humongous battles.

Episodes and chapters

The Rise of Kijani short story outline

A self-contained story about the rise of Emperor Kijani, ruler of the Lion Empire. From humble beginnings as a laborer in a smelting factory, to the revolution that united Pride, to the first interstellar wars waged by the Lions and the revelations that he uncovered of the distant past...This is the story of a man who raged against the heavens and forged a new destiny for his people. The story of a hero and a tyrant, a villain and a savior. This is Kijani's story.

Episodes and chapters

Project E.N.I.S. series outline from 2009

Episode 1: The End of the Beginning

Professor is in ENIS and fighting Noland in a modified grunt mech. The two are pretty evenly matched, until the Professor uses ENIS' special move, but Noland gets the upper hand and sends him plummeting to the ground below. As he falls, the professor shouts some bad-ass line about how 'He'll finish off the Lions, even after he has died.'

Ohta is mining. Suddenly, a huge quake hits that causes a cave-in. He finds himself trapped by the cave-in and heads through the mines and finds that the quake was caused by the crash-landed ENIS. The professor, who thought he was going to die alone, begins laughing even as he bleeds, because here's someone who he can make into a pilot. He shoves Ohta into the machine and forces the piloting control into his hand, his final act and a way of saying "FUCK YOU" to the Lions in passing. The Professor tells Ohta there's going to be a Lion Empire invasion, and sees him off before passing away.

As Ohta and ENIS head for their home city, and find it under attack by one of the Lion Empire's racial fleets. He fights them off in the city for a bit before almost losing to the Super leading the invasion, but manages to escape. He picks up a garbled message from the Evaikari government, and decides to escort evacuating ships. Thus Ohta leaves the planet, while a massive Lion Empire fleet orbits and Noland realizes that ENIS survived and thinks the Professor survived too.

Episode 2: Blaze in the Night

Ohta fights off an enemy attack on the evacuating fleet as it rushes towards the edge of the system and the hyperspace routes towards FAP. The Super from the first episode returns and Ohta, still not familiar with ENIS, is almost killed, but is saved by Daisuke Ryokija in Wingschneider. White Knight picks up Ohta and he meets the scientist crew, who will eventually become Project Enis. They decide to help him escort the civilians to safety. Some discussion with the scientists reveals some of ENIS' potential to Ohta, but before he can learn more they reach the edge of the system and fight off an attack by the Grays. Ohta manages to finally get the upper hand on Im.C.M.L and defeats it, but just as White Knight is preparing to jump into hyperspace, it is knocked off its launch trajectory and sent rocketing off into Lion Empire territory.

Episodes and chapters

Project E.N.I.S. series outline from 2010

Episode 1

The Lion Empire has just conquered the Professor's home planet, and the Professor escapes with ENIS and a Gar Crystal. Kijani orders Noland to give chase.

Five years later, Ohta is mining on Evaikari when he comes across Old Man Nomos using a massive mining machine. They strike up a conversation, with Nomos treating Ohta like a grandson. A brief exposition on Evaikari and FAP’s relations occurs here as they discuss the upcoming referendum on Evaikari’s entry into the Federation of Allied Planets. At the same time, Noland and a Lion Empire fleet of Gray ships jumps into the system, having finally deciphered the long and twisting trail Nomos laid for them. For unknown reasons, Nomos stopped on Evaikari, rather than continuing on with his journey. The Grays proceed to launch an attack on Evaikari’s population centers to draw out Nomos, easily decimating the non-mecha forces of Evaikari’s defense forces.

Nomos and Ohta feel the attack deep in the mine, and Nomos brings Ohta deeper into the mines, assuring him he’ll be safe. Using the machine, they break through into a cavern that Nomos made long ago using ENIS. Predicting that the Lions would have caught up with him by this time, he’d been trying to recover the mecha. He shoves Ohta in and climbs in behind him, then launches ENIS into space. Ohta sees the invasion and widespread destruction, and forces Nomos to attack a Gray spaceship, destroying it and attracting the attention of the Lions.

Noland attacks and fights quite well, knocking Nomos unconscious and causing ENIS to stop functioning. Ohta is forced to connect into the pilot interface, but this takes a while to synchronize. Meanwhile, Noland directs the Gray Super, IMCML, to retrieve ENIS. Ohta takes control and in a hard-fought battle, defeats the Super. Noland charges back down and just barely misses ENIS as Ohta flees into space. Thus ends the first episode.

Episode 2

Ohta flies up into space and gets embroiled in a space battle between the Lion Empire's invasion fleet, Evaikari's defense fleet and FAP's security force. The battle goes badly for the humans, and Ohta turns to defend fleeing civilian ships. He saves White Knight as they flee into the outer solar system and hitches a ride with them. Thus the principal cast of Project ENIS enters the scene. It also introduces some of the initial attraction ((the pilot)) has for Ohta.

For the next day or so, Evaikari burns. Noland and the Lion Empire forces finally discover the secret lab and hiding place of Professor Nomos and discover the almost completed A-NL, which lacks only a Gar Crystal to be completed. Meanwhile, the heroes play a game of hide and seek in the asteroid belt along with other survivors. Eventually, FAP reinforcements arrive to clear out the Lion Empire forces in the field and escort the human ships to freedom. Unfortunately, the Lion Empire's fleet catches up at the end and the people are forced to flee for their lives as the FAP forces are destroyed. Ohta launches in ENIS and fights with an incomplete A-NL, a battle where Ohta is nearly defeated by A-NL runs out of power, plus Wingschneider comes to his rescue midway. They return to White Knight but the ship's knocked off course by a wave motion cannon fired by the Lions.

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