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This is a breakdown of the technology used by factions in Project E.N.I.S.

  • Close-In-Weapon-System (CIWS): CIWS weapons are designed to protect a vessel from attack craft, missiles, torpedoes, and other self-propelled weapons. They generally take the form of single or double barrel autocannons, though Lion Empire CIWS turrets are beam guns instead.
  • Phase Cannon: A type of Lion weapon, this is a beam cannon that fires a sustained stream of energy towards a single point. It is generally used as a long-range weapon, capable of cutting through the armor of opposing ships. It's rate of fire is rather slow, but this is a trade-off for increased range and the ability to sustain firepower at a very precise point. Turret configurations include single, double, triple and quadruple turrets (1,2,3, or 4-barreled turrets).
  • Pulse Cannon: A type of Lion wepaon, this is best described as a gatling beam cannon. It rapid-fires several rounds of energy at a general area, acting as a sort of energy-based interceptor defense system. However, it can also be used in close-quarters combat to batter through an enemy's hull. However, the energy blasts released from it are generally weaker than those of a typical beam cannon. Turret configurations include single, triple, quintuple and decagonal turrets (1,3,5, or 10-barreled turrets).
  • Tactical Missle: An evolution of human ICBM technology, tactical missiles are essentially nuclear missiles adapted for space combat. They are usually fired at stationary targets, like space stations and planetary locations. However, they have been used against enemy fleets, breaking up formations of vessels before the start of a battle.
  • Weapon Array: Interchangeable mounting for Lion Empire weaponry. Can be equipped with Beam Cannon, Phase Cannon and Pulse Cannon.

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