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List of units in Project E.N.I.S.

Federation of Allied Planets units


  • CF-06: The standard grunt unit of the Federation, it has multiple variants and is easy to mass-produce.
  • MB-02: A high mobility prototype designed to test the viability of flight-capable mecha.



Lion Empire units


  • BXR-7mk2 'Godhand': A melee-oriented unit, with the ability to generate intense amounts of heat around any part of its body.
  • GR3-Y Fox: A mass-produced, stealthy infiltration unit used by elite units for recon, shock attacks, and flanking tactics
  • Fackel: A unit suited to taking down enemy warships. Utilizes unwired beam weaponry and rumored to have highly advanced nanotechnology, as well as an experimental AI system.
  • Mass-Produced ENIS: A weaker, less-effective version of the ENIS created by the Lion Empire using a combination of stolen, partially complete schematics and from analyzing ENIS' combat data. The most powerful mass-produced unit ever introduced.
  • TR4N-Vestite: Heavy assault unit designed for long-range battlefield support. Also possesses an emergency melee mode.



  • Asfret
  • Behemoth: A powerful mech focused strongly on beam weapons. Has a unique man-machine operating system which grants the pilot powerful computative and analytical powers at the cost of severe mental stress.
  • Caller: A puppeteer Super capable of controlling even ENIS.
  • Im.C.M.L: Low-end Super built by a Lion Empire race that is at a low technological level, around FAP levels.
  • Kaminari: Second-most powerful mech in the Lion Empire after Crush Engine.
  • Predamax: Sentai super.
  • RAEP: A limited production elite covert mech focusing on melee combat, immobilization and scare tactics. Has a fearsome reputation but is surrounded in mystery.
  • Surion: An agile mech focused on melee combat. Equipped with a unique neural control scheme that can only be used by cybernetically enhanced beings or androids that enhances the mech's responsiveness to a pilot's commands, resulting in near-instant response times.
  • Stomper: Compliment to Whomper.
  • The Big Boss: Massively oversized Super designed for taking on battlefleets.
  • Torirobiter: Massive mech based off a swarm principle. Consumes raw materials to build smaller versions of itself, that act as drones of the main unit. Smaller versions can, with time, grow to be just as large as the original and obtain the original's capabilities.
  • Whomper: Compliment to Stomper.

Stand-alone monsters

The Lion Empire's weekly stand-alone monsters in order that they appear.

  • Voltage
  • Scyphozoa
  • Liger
  • Uverbog
  • Sephilidophus
  • Seraph
  • Breath
  • Zerixax
  • Hyedora V: An immortal killing machine created by Dr. Dame Olga.
  • Baarhaspatya
  • Kabbalah
  • Grapple
  • Samkyha
  • Euthyphro
  • Tippitaka
  • Hyedora Deus
  • Grapple 2
  • Aria
  • God

Fusion type monsters


Project ENIS units


  • A-NL: The third in a trifecta of mechs that started it all.
  • ENIS: The mech that started it all.
  • TUL-BAWCS: The fourth and final mecha that started it all.
  • VA-INA: The other mech that started it all.


  • Calypso: Second base ship for Project Enis after White Knight's end.
  • White Knight: Main base ship for Project Enis.

Support units

  • Yuki Unit: Robots that assist in maintaining the mecha and ships.

Void units

Units without factions


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