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Armored Neutron-powered Linking frame 'A-NL'
A-NL Sprite Sheet.jpg
A-NL's various functions and a braekdown of its construction.
Code name A-NL
Unit name Armored Neutron-powered Linking frame
Notable Pilot Noland Abrams
  • 2x Monster Pliers x2
  • 2x Chest Wrench
  • 2x Heavy Sanders
  • 2x Hyper Vice
  • Burst Hammer
  • Barghest
Classification Mecha

A-NL is a heavy combat unit that is capable of linking with the specialized support unit, TUL-BAWCS, to bring out its full potential. This is not to say, however, that A-NL is dependent upon its support unit, as it is equipped with many built-in weapons that also function as multipurpose tools. A-NL can use its "tool weapons" to build traps or break down materials just as easily as it can use them to destroy an enemy mech.


A-NL’s armor is incredibly tough, due to its pilot’s preference for close combat, as well as to withstand the high heat, high-risk nature of its more utilitarian functions. A-NL is controlled via a conventional cockpit that can be ejected in emergencies, a function that is often threatened with removal by the pilot. A-NL’s armor is also sectioned and layered in several places; this spare armor can be cannibalized by TUL-BAWCS in emergency situations in order to craft new weapons.

Weapons and equipment

Though A-NL’s full combat abilities are brought out by linking with TUL-Bawcs, it is equipped with several multipurpose weapons:

  • Monster Pliers x2, mounted on forearms
  • Chest Wrench x2, mounted in chest
  • Heavy Sanders x2, mounted in feet
  • Hyper Vice x2, mounted on shoulders
  • Burst Hammer, Hand-held
  • Barghest, mounted in lower torso; a final attack-type weapon, fashioned after a mill saw and named after a ghostly hound of English legend that brought death on sight. Its razor-sharp teeth cannot be dulled by conventional means or normal use.

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