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BXR-7mk2 'Godhand'

The BXR-7mk2 'Godhand' was designed as a CQC-oriented machine that could close in fast and destroy its target. Its body can generate massive levels of heat (to a maximum of 5000 degrees fahrenheit) around any limb on its body, causing it to glow with a devilish red aura.

With its optional Piledriver Knuckles equipped, it can punch an enemy against a building, shatter it to pieces with its piledriver (unloading as much as 4000t of momentum into the target), and then blowing massive holes in several buildings behind it from the sheer physical force exiting the target's body.


  • Height: 12 m
  • Weight: 20 t base, 40.2 t with optional equipment
  • Generator Type: Second-generation small form factor cold-fusion reactor
  • Generator Output: 4720MW, redline at 7450MW
  • Propulsion: 8x multi-directional vernier units

Weapons and equipment

  • 2x Heat Knuckle (integrated with manipulator units)
  • 4x Missile pods w/ 40 missiles each (internal, leg mounted, heat shielded) (MISSILE PRONZ)
  • 2x point-defense beam cannons (back mounted, fires out 4 lasers (2 from each cannon) that arc towards target a la Panzer Dragoon)
  • 2x Piledriver Knuckles (full forearm replacements)

Units/BXR-7mk2 'Godhand' is part of a series on Project E.N.I.S. Mecha

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