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Exploding Nuclear Ion System 'ENIS'
Enis SD color.png
Code name ENIS
Unit name Exploding Nuclear Ion System
Notable Pilot Kobayashi Ohta
Classification Mecha


  • Explodium/Diamond composite


DOS (Drill Operating System) 
Sub and backup OS of the ENIS (generally used to regulate the attack capabilities of the ENIS).
EO System (ENIS Operating System) 
Control hardware and OS of the ENIS.
HEAT (Heat Emitting Airborne Travel) 
Hovering/thrusting system generated by drill binders on back.
HI Wings (Heat Irradiation Wings) 
Fine-tunes thrusting strength into flight capabilities.
SCARF (SuperConducting Anti-Radiation Fiber) 
The mysterious mantle that is wrapped around the "neck" of the ENIS. Generates great amounts of various energies when DOS is in use. When ENIS uses its more powerful attacks, the scarf glows white hot.


Cry of the Hero 
Enis removes it's scarf while performing a powerful attack. The Gar energy, rather than passing to the drills, passes through the filter covered by the scarf in a powerful beam of energy, capable of destroying a battleship. This attack was not supposed to be an actual attack; ENIS was simply unfinished at the time of the Lion Empire's invasion of Nomos' home and the actual restraining plate was not in place; the SCARF attachment originally destined for VA-INA had to be used. Using this attack greatly weakens the mecha for about 30 minutes, and causes damage to the main control systems of ENIS, meaning that continuous use will cause the mecha to run wild under the control of the Gar crystal if it is used too many times. Damage can be repaired to a certain extent, but without the full capabilities of the original manufacturing plant, it is impossible to restore it 100%. The blast is powerful enough to vaporize a Lion Empire cruiser, and severely damage one of their light battleships. Crush Engine would be inconvenienced.
MAGNa DrillLance (Multiple-purpose All-range Gigantic NucleAr-powered Drill) 
Ougi - Rocket drill shredder
Mugen Ponos Drill 
ENIS' crotchpit drill may, when operating at full-spin, extend to theoretically infinite range. This allows ENIS to thrust it into any enemy (or several at once, shish-kabob style) anywhere, as long as the pilot can accurately aim it (either by sight or by the assitance of spotters/satellite imagery).
Reflect Spinner
Spiral Dasher
Thunder Drill Kick
Zero Divider 
The energy is formed from a dimensional breach created by latching the drill binders over the forearms and spinning them in opposite directions at ludicrous velocity, drilling a hole through reality.
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