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Rushmore class

Rushmore class destroyer
Ship Class Rushmore class destroyer
  • Length: 225 m
  • Beam: 87 m
Crew Complement 160
  • 1x Main Battle Cannon, Light (mounted along center axis, forward)
  • 4x Light Rail Cannons
  • 36x Missile Pods
  • 12x Missile Launchers
  • 28x CIWS autocannon turrets
Carrier Capacity
  • 12x Light Craft/*6x Heavy Craft/*8x Drones/*4x Mecha
  • Notable Ships Chateau d'Lumiere, Olympus Mons, Acropolis
    Affiliations Federation of Allied Planets

    Workhorse of the FAP fleet, the Rushmore tends to be used individually or in three-ship patrol squadrons or in large groups as the primary combatants in a battlefleet. They have also served as command ships in system patrol fleets, anti-piracy operations and deep-space exploration fleets. In all functions, they tend to be supported by the older Itano-class frigates. Recent modifications have allowed Rushmores to carry mecha instead of standard attack craft, greatly improving their combat abilities.

    Compared to the various frigates, Rushmore's have a higher survival rate when faced with mecha thanks to their larger weapon complements and heavier armor. As such, orders for these vessels are increasing.