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Left: Rushmore Class Destroyer; Right: Vajra Class Frigate


Vajra Class

Deep-space scout craft. Designed for self-sufficiency at long distances from main fleet, bases, etc. Named after gods/saints/etc. The lower half of the frigate is designed to mount interchangeable modules, designed to supplement the base design of the frigate. An older class of vessel, it is still common in the Navy because of its cheap cost and high reliability.


  • Length: 80 m
  • Beam: 20 m
  • Complement: 175 crew

Armament (base model)

  • 2x Light Rail Cannons
  • 24x Missile Tubes (Single Use)
  • 6x CIWS autocannon turrets
  • Carrier module: 6 Light Craft or 3 Heavy Craft or 6 Drones
  • Missile module: 24 missile tubes (single use)
  • Torpedo module: 6 torpedo launchers (single use)
  • Sensor module: Enhanced detection capabilities


Rushmore Class

Workhorse of the FAP fleet. Possesses light carrier capabilities. Named for monuments on various planets.


  • Length: 166 m
  • Beam: 80 m
  • Complement: 322 crew, 36 fighter pilots

Armament (base model)

  • 1x Main Battle Cannon, light (mounted along center axis, forward)
  • 6x Light Rail Cannons
  • 36x Missile Tubes
  • 12x Missile Launchers
  • 28x CIWS autocannon turrets

Attack Craft Complement

  • 8x Light Craft or 4x Heavy Craft or 8x Drones

Avalon Class

Limited production run. Specialized for warship hunting. Named for sacred places. Small crew due to most of the ship being taken up by weapons, armor, and sensors.


  • Length: 150 m
  • Beam: 40 m
  • Complement: 116 crew


  • 1 Heavy RailCannon: A battleship weapon mounted on a tiny, maneuverable destroyer.
  • 12 CIWS turrets
  • 2 Torpedo Tubes