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The Fackel was conceived as a machine that could hold its own against multiple warships. However, it was also found to perform exceedingly well as a heavy assault unit. With its multitude of beam weaponry and missiles, it can soften up enemy warships for weaker units, or using its as of yet unknown weaponry, can take out the entire fleet before it even has chance to fight back.

Also notable are its unwired beam cannons, which can separate from the units 'wings' and act independently, either as point defense or suppressing fire. They're shaped like feathers, and mount on the unit's bird-like wings that fold up into its body seamlessly. Due to this unique mechanism, many who have seen this unit in combat have sworn to have seen 'angels' or 'big, black crows'.

The unit also possesses nanomachine technology, allowing it to repair damage, but, most notably, to produce endless amounts of ammunition.


  • Height: ??
  • Weight: 80t
  • Generator Type: Prototype Dimensional Reactor
  • Generator Output: Unknown, but rumored to be equivalent to 87,000MW
  • Propulsion:
    • 4x High-performance multidirectional Vernier units
    • 20x zero-g maneuvering vernier units

Weapons and equipment

  • 20x small homing laser cannons
  • 10x 100ct missile pods
  • 10x unwired beam cannons
  • 4x head-mounted beam cannons
  • 2x hand-mounted mega particle cannons
  • 1x shield generator
  • Unknown prototype weapon (Rumors claim that its a weapon capable of destroying entire fleets of ships with a single shot. Unlikely, but still plausible.)
  • Unit is rumored to have nanomachine technology, allowing it to repair any and all damage to itself.

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